Top 10 Multiplayer Games That Are Best with Two -

Top 10 Multiplayer Games That Are Best with Two

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel, Zee Garcia, and Sam Healey give us their Top Ten Multiplayer Games that play Best with Two Players.

00:00 – Introduction
02:16 – Sam’s #10
04:28 – Tom’s #10
05:30 – Zee’s #10
06:30 – Tom’s #9
07:27 – Zee’s #9
09:18 – Sam’s #9
11:08 – Zee’s #8
12:40 – Sam’s #8
14:32 – Tom’s #8
15:42 – Zee’s #7
17:46 – Tom’s #7
19:43 – Sam’s #7
21:21 – Tom’s #6
23:26 – Sam’s #6
27:02 – Zee’s #6
28:43 – Sam’s #5
31:16 – Zee’s #5
32:57 – Tom’s #5
34:12 – Sam’s #4
37:36 – Tom’s #4
38:20 – Zee’s #4
39:40 – Tom’s #3
41:15 – Zee’s #3
42:51 – Sam’s #3
47:02 – Zee’s #2
48:51 – Sam’s #2
49:21 – Tom’s #2
52:00 – Sam’s #1
54:26 – Zee’s #1
56:11 – Tom’s #1

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  1. 1: Ghost stories with my girlfriend. We love playing this game where we both control 2 colours each.
    2: Elder Sign. We love to play this game too. Played it once 6 players. Took FOREVER!
    3: The Game, Love Letter / Loot Letter, Exploding Kittens, Other card games.

    I just lately found your channel and watched ALOT of your content and now have a huge list of more games to buy.
    You guys are going to make me bankrupt! 😛

  2. first game that came to my mind when seeing the topic is for me trajan

  3. At 58:20 Tom says to go and vote on upcoming Top Ten lists. Does this still exist as an option? I can't seem to find the link to do this on BGG or on Thanks for any leads!

  4. GOSU ?!??! worst game ever, final answer.

  5. Top 10 Games at which you are better than Jason (if that many games exist) You guys have hyped him to be almost unbeatable

  6. Wow Tom, a red hat above a red shirt 🙂 Watching out for the color combo's you were wearing?

  7. What about boarder lands? that's is best with multiplayer ;3

  8. #1 Zombicide. Why is it better with 2 than solitaire or with 3? Sam got off the hook to easily there.

  9. my favorites would be FIVE TRIBES & SMALLWORLD

  10. RuneWars is a great multiplayer game but I think it is best as a 2 player game. It is more balanced and the length of the game is shortened considerably.

  11. Hah, watched this video over a year late and still said Zombicide: Black Plague at exactly the right time when Sam asked 🙂

  12. A cooperative game where the other players don't do exactly as they're told?
    "Alpha"-gaming/telling your teammates what to do and getting upset if they don't, is NOT cooperative, it is shitting on your friends. If you do this in cooperative gaming, stop it, and get help.

  13. I normally don't watch board-game youtube stuff. This list caught my eye as I always play games with 3 and usually 4+. I only disagree with Elder Sign. Easily playable with up to 5-6. The game goes faster with fewer people, but is far harder and requires more in depth character choices with more players. More bad things potentially happen in between your turn creating a pre-planning phase and socializing discussion (who is best for what task). As well as less chance to buy the VP in the game (elder signs) as you have less chance to get currency before the BBEG gets his next Mythos (potentially giving him his own VP to arise). The expansions do fix it so you can't buy VP though, the discussion of making each turn count is still there. Adding another experienced vet of the game adds 5-10 minutes per player, as most likely they know what their best COA is for their turn.

  14. Late to the party but this is such a great idea for a top 10. Nicely done.

  15. Totally agree with Zee. Playing multiple colours/characters completely kills immersion for me. I really hate it

  16. Star Wars Rebellion. It says you can do 4 player with teams of 2, but it just doesn't work. It's clumsy and each player only gets to play half a game.

  17. With Zee's dislike of playing multiple characters, I'm surprised he likes Mr. Jack!

  18. I found Citadels way better with 2 people for a similar reason to Race for the Galaxy, you get multiple characters to cause even more havoc. I play with a variant that uses the expansion and does this with 3 players. Otherwise I think the game is way to long. 🙂

  19. I'd like to see an update of this in 2018. 🙂

  20. I agree with Zee, playing with multiple colours is annoying and doesn't look good on the board.

  21. Specter Ops at 2 players… with all 4 hunters?!? No, just… NO! at less than 5 players(which adds both an exit and a traitor) there are only 3 exits. If the Hunter player has more than 2 Hunters, he can just go block all the exits and declare victory right then and there… Even if you add the extra exit, the hunter player can do the same thing as he still has 4 hunters for 4 doors…

    I guess you could play with 3 hunters if you added the extra door… but still…

  22. The dashboards in Zombicide: BP males controlling multiple heroes really easy.
    I play solo with all 6! 😊

  23. "Thanks for ruining my number two, guys."

  24. I am adamant about Splendor being better with 2 players. I will play with 3 or 4 when other people want to jump in, but I will always prefer 2 players.

  25. What do you think about Viticulture with 2 players? I have played it twice this way and itwas very fun.

  26. Virtually every 2 player list that you have ever done are multiplayer games that are best with 2 people. I'd better see Heroscape up there though. I can't really do a top 10 list on this one, but of course Heroscape would top this list. Originally packaged for 4 players, it is almost always played 2 players.

  27. I have seen many of these vids and they rarely all agree on something.

  28. Fury of Dracula. Dracula has the advantage, and will crush the hunters if they make a mistake. So in the hunters' case, you pretty much let the best player give orders to all the other hunters. It's such extreme quarterbacking that I wouldn't play it with any more than 2 players where one controls all the hunters.

  29. Your shelves aren’t aligned properly…

  30. Really? No one gave the list in the comments? Would have gotten top comment. This is one hour to waste otherwise

  31. Abstract games are best played with ZERO people

  32. 'I'm not an alpha gamer! I'm not! Say I'm not! Say it!'

  33. Why do you guys play with Jason? In list after list he comes off as a real jerk!

  34. No, Tom, Race for the galaxy is definitely better with more players than 2.

  35. Sam comes off like the worst type of person to play games with. Stubborn, impatient, bosses people around and gets annoyed easily. Worst of all he doesn't even realize it.

  36. The term "alpha gamer" reeeallly bums me out

  37. 100% agree with you on Le Havre. Absolutely wonderful game, ESPECIALLY at two.

  38. The List for Quick Reference (Tom/Zee/Sam)

    10 – Carcassone; Call to Glory; Rumis (Blokus 3D)
    9 – Castle; Elder Sign; Gemblo
    8 – Among the Stars; DC Comic Deck Building Game; Quantum
    7 – Race for the Galaxy; Thurn and Taxis; Shadows Over Normandie
    6 – Thunderstone Advance; Gosu (Goblin Supremacy); Rum & Bones
    5 – On the Underground; Viceroy; Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries
    4 – Domimion; The Hanging Gardens; Specter Ops
    3 – St Petersburg; Lewis & Clark; Descent (2nd edition)
    2 – Innovation; Imperial Settlers; Level 7 Omega Protocol
    1 – Le Havre; Neuroshima Hex!; Zombicide Black Plague

  39. Through the ages and Pulsar should be there 😉

    Great games, just for two

  40. Would be great if there was an updated video on this subject. There are a heap on new two player, or multiplayer that can also be placed as two, released since. I play almost exclusively with my partner, so all these newer options are hard to sift through

  41. My wife and I have been digging on playing Scythe as a 2-player cooperative vs the Automa system running any number of factions depending on the difficulty setting. Using the ScytheKick app the Automa plays are quick and don’t require rule parsing so the play style is quick. You actly can’t wait to get your turn done just to see what those Automa #%€£$&@‘s are going to try. The cooperative aspect is fun too.

  42. Obviously it is impractical to re address every top 10 you gentlemen have put out, but I would love to see how this list would look today. Any major changes?

  43. TLDW:

    10. Blokus, Carcassonne, Call to Glory

    9. Castle, Elder Sign, Gemblo

    8. DC Comics Deckbuilding Game, Quantum, Among The Stars

    7. Thurn & Taxis, Race For the Galaxy, Heroes of Normandie

    6. Thunderstone Advance, Rum & Bones, GOSU (Goblin Supremacy)

    5. Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries, Viceroy, On the Underground

    4. Specter Ops, Dominion, The Hanging Gardens

    3. Saint Petersburg, Lewis And Clark, Decent 2nd Edition

    2. Imperial Settlers (Or 50 First dates 2nd ed), Level 7 Omega Protocol, Innovation

    Zombicide: Black Plague, Neuroshima Hex!, Le Harve

  44. War of the Ring is GREAT with 4. Better than 2. I like the tension of doing something as a side rather than one guy having all of the knowledge.

  45. This feels almost like games that say more than 2 players on the box but shouldn't. Was hoping for games that are really good at several counts but best at 2. Still a good list though thanks!

  46. Please make an updated video for this list. Or just a list for best games for 2 players (2-player or multiplayer).

  47. We need a 2021 update on this games cause of pandemic 🙂 I can only play with my wife

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