Top 10 Couples Games in 2020 (or any 2 players really) -

Top 10 Couples Games in 2020 (or any 2 players really)

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With lockdowns still in effect across the globe, people are stuck at home, often with at least one other person. Which makes this a great time to play more games, or to get your significant other, roommate, or even that random person who wandered into your house into gaming. This list are all incredibly accessible games, bound to pull others in with their combination of simplicity, elegance, charm and strategy.

0:00:58 10) Yinsh
0:02:08 9) Carcassonne
0:03:33 8) Santorini
0:05:35 7) Dale of Merchants
0:06:48 6) On Tour
0:08:26 5) Unlock
0:10:14 4) Patchwork
0:11:33 3) Welcome to….
0:13:15 2) Codenames Duet
0:15:45 1) Watergate

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  1. +1 – Would love to see update 2022 Crunchiest Couple games under 1-2 hours

  2. Great job..criminal that silver and gold wasn't #1.. we love spirits of the wild, sleeping god's , chronicals of crime, hive, targi, and rustling leaves and wingspan.. we play allot..

  3. You really needed to include dice thrown seasons in here. My girlfriend and I have been playing this nonstop for a few weeks now… Every single day multiple times a day super easy to learn.

  4. Really like relaxing and watching your vids. Never played Gloomhaven…looks too much for me and my family, but learned from you that Jaws of the Lion is coming out and super pumped. Also, Undertow comes in the mail tomorrow!

  5. I'm lucky enough that my girlfriend enjoys playing War of the Ring as much as me, and quarantine has definitely let this come to the table more often. But we love playing Carcassonne, Villainous, Splendor, Rivals for Catan, and Ticket to Ride as well when we don't want something super heavy.

  6. All excellent games. My wife and I also play most of these. We also love Onitama, Raptor, and Arkham Horror the Card Game.

  7. Spirit Island is a couples game for us. It’s my wife’s favorite cooperative game.

  8. Great List for a not Gamer Couple. Really looking for games that I like and she might also 🙂 Right now trying Pendamic 😀
    Thank you
    You became one of my favorite YouTuber now. At least when it comes to entertainment. Keep up the good work and earn a lot of


  9. Whole BGG community don't agree with you, cause according to poll, Carcassonne is best in 2 players.

  10. If you don't play a board game with your partner, they might find another activity for you to do. If you do that other activity, 10 months later you may end up with a kid. If you end up with a kid, they may decide it isn't the time to film a board gaming video for youtube. Lol, dad life.

  11. Excellent list, I own and like almost every game on your list.
    My favourite 2 player game right now is probably 7 Wonders Duel.

  12. TZAAR, DVONN and then YINSH. Tried Tintas? Another really nice abstract. My favourite 2-player is Carcassonne without river or expansions.
    I really also love Carcassonne The Castle with a house rule. Sekigahara is brilliant and genius. Blokus Duo with a house rule is great. Battle Line and Mandala nice card games.

  13. Oh man… ABSOLUTELY disagree with the assertion that Carcassonne is not best for two. I refuse to play it in any configuration BUT two! When you play it two player, it becomes chess… there are limited numbers of tiles, you can predict which ones you might get and build towards, and it's definitely a zero-sum game with your opponent. Playing 3, 4, or 5 players makes it a random example of nonsense. No strategies, no predicting tiles, no playing the probabilities, etc. Play Carcassonne against a skilled opponent, and despite the luck of the draw you will be destroyed. Two players of equal skill level going at it is one of the best gaming experiences you can have. In any case, thanks for the list! Always looking for good two player options.

  14. Feeling good that I actually know quite a number of these games! And I just ordered On Tour from boardgametables, but they're selling the new version now so it's set to ship in July I think.
    I'm with you – I like Carcassonne best with 3+ players. I love adding in the farmers and trying to control how many meeples I have left and who might connect to the field, etc.
    For polyomino – I'm SO excited for when Planet Unknown finally ships (I know the kickstarter just finished, so we have a while!) But I feel like that's gonna be a great 2 player game!

  15. I played Rock Me Archimedes as a drinking game (loser takes the shot). It was so much fun. Highly recommend it.

  16. That's Pretty Clever is a fantastic R&R game. Wife and I really like and it's super accessible. Just traded with you for Twice as Clever so hoping that one lives up to expectations! Splendor would be another one to possibly add. Easy to learn, strategic, quick play.

  17. Always watch to listen to the stomping kids and their interuptions.

  18. My wife & I love Catan Card Game, Concordia, 7th Continent & recently Forgotten Waters. Getting ready to try Citadels, San Juan & Castles of Burgundy Dice Game tomorrow.

  19. I just bought Azul to play with my girlfriend who isn't big into boardgames and we are really enjoying it together. Also an abstract that you can teach in a few minutes.

  20. Great video. Thanks man! New to the channel somewhat, really enjoying your stuff.

  21. Excelente video, demasiada publicidad. I am out

  22. Barenpark
    Champions of Midguard (Blood Rage for Couples)
    Castle Panic
    Alien Frontiers
    Xia: Legends of a Drift System
    Tally Ho!
    Rise of Tribes (Stone Age for the Modern Gamer)

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