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Top 10 Casual Two Player Games

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel, Sam Healey, and Zee Garcia take a look a the best causal two-player games

00:00 – Introduction
02:50 – Zee’s #10
04:02 – Sam’s #10
05:09 – Tom’s #10
06:59 – Sam’s #9
08:13 – Zee’s #9
09:34 – Tom’s #9
10:55 – Tom’s #8
13:39 – Zee’s #8
15:24 – Sam’s #8
17:03 – Tom’s #7
17:56 – Zee’s #7
18:45 – Sam’s #7
20:05 – Tom’s #6
21:20 – Zee’s #6
21:58 – Sam’s #6
24:02 – Zee’s #5
25:33 – Tom’s #5
26:26 – Sam’s #5
28:05 – Sam’s #4
30:10 – Tom’s #4
31:46 – Zee’s #4
33:23 – Tom’s #3
35:00 – Sam’s #3
35:53 – Zee’s #3
37:18 – Tom’s #2
37:57 – Zee’s #2
39:15 – Sam’s #2
41:00 – Zee’s #1
42:35 – Sam’s #1
45:00 – Tom’s #1

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  1. please get mics. or do a noise reduction. the acoustics make this hard to understand. it's good otherwise

  2. 5x Mr Universe would disagree with the chest fly. What would he know though, he is only regarded as the greatest bodybuilder of all time…. Arnold S.

  3. Love the show, I'm assuming from the future videos I've seen that you dropped the mtv second shot. Good move

  4. You have all got great personalities and work so well together, unfortunately I don't like the videos by other people on the dice tower.
    Keep them coming!

  5. Mouse moving to thumbs up for the Big Red (go Texas!) but the audio…….

  6. Great series guys! However, many of the games in some of your top 10 Casual Games are out of print and very expensive to get. Can you do a top 10 game list where (at the time of production) everything is still being published?

  7. your videos are very helpful in helping me make decisions to purchase some games to bring me back to gaming and introduce gaming to my 9 year old and also for family games.
    thank you
    what would you suggest for a strategy game using different dice, or just d6. I want 5o use d10, d12, d8, etc.
    Fantasy, sci-fi ?

  8. Action Buy Clean Draw is more than likely what he's trying to say

  9. I can't believe Tom said Caverna 😀 😀 😀 I think it's quite hard as a 2 player. While the rules are not that hard it's not that fun playing non gamers – most times they end with 3 dwarves and a low score – that's not that enjoyable.

  10. can anyone recommend a good game for a newly retired couple? one of them is a word person and one an engineering person. they don't play games very often and only have a few really popular traditional games. they like games like mille bornes where you can sabotage each other 🙂

  11. Can someone explain what the annotation means at 4:06 "I wish I could take this one back…"

  12. So glad, you lost the every turn dice roll. Glad Sam doesn't do the voices regularly now. This is still a great top 10. Wonder how much it has changed in three years? Time to add to the update list?

  13. "LOST CITIES" must be the game with the most misleading title and box art ever made in history… It is not a bad game but I cannot enjoy it given the enormous disconnection between expectation and reality it always brings me…

  14. I think that with those 2 cameras, you need to sit in a circle and talk to each other, so it doesn't look strange.

  15. 19:34 – that was some srs karma hahahaha good times as always fellas . Cheers for the laughs

  16. i agree with sams #1 ive taught alot of non board gamers memior

  17. Can anyone please help identify the very last board game on the right of middle shelf? You can see it better in the angles form the side camera (like at minute 40). It's a greenish box that has a title like "A(k)na" or something like that and a guy with a big head?

  18. If Caverna is your definition of casual… you have lost touch with what a nongamer can be expected to take in. Munchkin is casual, cards of the dead is casual, ticket to ride is casual, Loveletter is casual, Family Business is casual, Caverna…. not so much Take out that game to play against a casual and their head will explode, or they will suddenly remember they had to to clean their kitchen right now.
    Glad you retracted that pick, we all make mistakes, love your videos.

  19. Really surprised Hive didn't make either this or the strategic games list.

  20. Ninja Taisan is a new fav for myself and my 11 year old. So quick and surprising – the 20 minute indication on the box is ridiculous – 8-12 tops. Great game nonetheless. Don't be fooled by the rock paper scissors idea – it is a DEEP quick game – think Onitama with battling ninjas in a card style.

  21. When you guys put in the links to games can you put it higher on the screen. Cause every time I try to click one I accidentally hit the time bar and jump somewhere else.

  22. Zee's #10 game costs $170 on Amazon right now. lol

  23. too bad that those older lists are just out of date. Any plans for an update?

  24. This is a very ignorant Q and I’m sorry in advance – why is archaeology card game so expensive?

  25. lmao you can tell this video is old because Sam just slammed Balloon Cup in a new video

  26. I just wasted nearly a year crushing on a guy who doesn't like football?! Zee you're breaking my heart.

  27. I've been subscribed for years, and… This is your most awesome video by far.

  28. You have to make a new updated video for this, 5 years have passed!

  29. Just watched the top 10 games you guys hate where Sam went off on hating Balloon cup 😂

  30. I used to like zee, until he said he didnt like football.

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