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Top 10 Casual Games for 2 Players

The Dice Tower
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Join Tom, Sam, and Zee as they discuss they favorite casual games for 2 players from the last five years.

00:00 – Introduction
03:29 – Sam’s #10
04:41 – Tom’s #10
05:46 – Zee’s #10
07:11 – Tom’s #9
08:17 – Zee’s #9
09:56 – Sam’s #9
12:04 – Zee’s #8
13:29 – Sam’s #8
15:07 – Tom’s #8
16:54 – Zee’s #7
19:01 – Tom’s #7
20:35 – Sam’s #7
23:34 – Tom’s #6
25:10 – Sam’s #6
27:09 – Zee’s #6
29:00 – Sam’s #5
31:10 – Zee’s #5
33:07 – Tom’s #5
34:28 – Sam’s #4
37:06 – Tom’s #4
38:30 – Zee’s #4
40:19 – Tom’s #3
42:07 – Zee’s #3
42:59 – Sam’s #3
45:18 – Zee’s #2
46:36 – Sam’s #2
48:20 – Tom’s #2
50:09 – Sam’s #1
53:02 – Tom’s #1
55:12 – Zee’s #1

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  1. 1) Patchwork
    2) Azul
    3) Tzolk'in the Mayan Calendar(This is 6yrs old but still)
    4) Sigrada
    5) Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails
    6) Majesty: For the Realm
    7) King Domino
    8) The Voyages of Marco Polo
    9) My Village
    10) Heaven and Ale

    All of these come to my mind as great 2 player casual games. I usually start playing any one of these with a coworker that I regularly play board games with before we break out something harder or with someone new to board games that's use to only playing Monopoly or Scrabble or something like that. Everyone that I've played these games with have loved them and either added them to their board game collection or has requested to play them when we do hangout to play board games.

  2. I was debating whether to get Fox in the Forest or Claim. Interesting.

  3. Great video, fun to watch and now I know which games to check out, thanks 🙂 For those who like to see the list and stamps:
    Zee: Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft 5:44
    Tom: Pyramid Poker 4:40
    Sam: Santorini 3:28

    Tom: Tiny Epic Quest 7:07
    Zee: Codenames Duet 8:17
    Sam: Risk: Star Wars Edition 9:56

    Zee: Raptor 11:56
    Sam: Shadows in Kyoto 13:28
    Tom: Raptor 15:07

    Zee: Kingdomino 16:50
    Tom: Nations: The Dice Game 18:28
    Sam: Tao Long: The Way of the Dragon 20:32

    Tom: The Duke 23:24
    Sam: InBetween 25:10
    Zee: The Fox in the Forest 27:08

    Sam: Raptor 28:43
    Zee: Tatsu 31:09
    Tom: Santorini 33:01

    Sam: Sola Fide 34:02
    Tom: Onitama 37:06
    Zee: Azul 38:32

    Tom: Adventure Land 40:04
    Zee: Santorini 42:07
    Sam: Hanamikoji 42:59

    Zee: Onitama 45:15
    Sam: Dragon Castle 46:35
    Tom: Paperback 48:20

    Sam: Onitama 49:16
    Tom: 7 Wonders Duel 52:41
    Zee: Tides of Time 55:11

  4. I can appreciate that you wanted the games to be more available but I would really like to know your top ten. Title should have been "Top 10 casual 2-player games 2013 to current. "

  5. For my wife & I:
    Tiny Epic Galaxies ( I know several other couples who love this as well – And it plays well at larger player counts too!)

  6. I hear it said over and over again that Onitama is a quick casual game. But every time I've played it, it's been up to an hour and very involved. Perhaps it depends on who you are playing with.

  7. 33:20
    I know that was a joke, but I actually knew someone like that. He was the guy who got me into board games in the first place, with Dominion, but he was the biggest board game hipster. He said, straight up, that if a game he liked, like Dominion, were to start being sold at Walmart, he would automatically stop liking it.

  8. I feel like Tak should have been on either this list, or maybe the strategic list. It's a great game, and I feel like I'm gets overlooked.

    I haven't watched the strategic list yet, so it might be on there, but still.

  9. Tom Zee and Sam are the shizzel-jizzle-nizzle!!

  10. hanamikoji is Sam's new Bang the Dice game

  11. How is takkenoko not on any of their lists?? That is one of the best two player games ever made. I play it all the time. I have had multiple girlfriends and family say that it is their favourite game to play together.

  12. Is Hanamikoji bascially Battle Line … with geishas … ?

  13. Sam… Onitama should be retheme as Dejarik, with Starwars fauna as moves… I know you would appreciate it 😎

  14. Fugitive and Love Letter is probably two of my favorite 2 player games. Really easy

  15. I can’t believe it! The cult of the new has now infiltrated the Dice Tower. I love you guys, but seriously, couldn’t you have limited your list to games in print as opposed to an arbitrary year? I’m not sure I want to even finish the video now. The title should be changed. Sorry if I sound like I’m overreacting, but it’s how I feel…

  16. 26:03 Sam doesn't seem to understand that the dark alternate dimension is just as real is this realm.

  17. I don't know what tom was talking about, Sam made Sona fide sound awesome.

  18. If you lose at onitama, it is one hundred percent your fault.

  19. They still have the plastic cliff in the spinmaster edition of Santorini. Fyi.

  20. When Tom’s not talking he hates it!!!! 😂😂😂. “LET ME TALK ABOUT MY KNOWLEDGE OF ALL GAMES EVER!!!” 😂😂😂

  21. Just looking at Tao Long and hearing Sam's description – no way that's a casual game. It sounds interesting, and I'd like to try it…. but it just sounded (and looked) way more involved than a casual game.

  22. kingdomino, too short for two players.. never played the 7×7 tho

  23. Buy the Adventureland expansion later? LoL! Good luck finding it!

  24. I just recently got introduced to Tides of TIme. I loved it, the artwork is fantastic, the game is so dense and concentrated. I lost the first game though and was only slightly frustrated, but got delighted, when my partner told me that she scored over 80 points in total and that I was just behind with seventy-something. She told me that she never games with more than fifty points so far….
    Onitama is als o great, Easy to learn and uncomplicated, nicely themed, but it cen become so complex. My son and I love playing it.
    Hanamikoji also is a really great game, the choices a player has are terrible if you were delat a bad hand of cards. Whenever your opponent is leading in points try to get the five geishas… It worsk as long as you have not been jinxed and get cards that do not allow to get any geisha…
    Santorini is great, even for two players, but plaing it with three players so far was when I enjoyed it the most…

  25. a bit uneasy chemistry and tension! though it is necessary to have angels and villains in a group especially ones that play games, you guys seem to almost loathe each other!

  26. Just purchased Sola Fide mid way through the video. Thanks for the recommendation.

  27. I just have to say these vids are SUPER helpful for people like me who dont know where to find good games to add to their collection. So many other hobbies going that coming here for a quick 1 hour catchup is helpful. Now I have a list of games I can further research. Thanks guys!

  28. I've watched several shows, Tom, he needs a zipper on his mouth .

  29. Please do a top 10 list for games you can play on an airplane, it's pretty unique circumstances and somewhere I'd love to play games with one or or two other people while passing time.

  30. I feel like I’m the only one that doesn’t care for onitama lol

  31. Wow, no Jaipur or thunder and lightning?

  32. I'm new to this world and your videos are very friendly and helpful, thank you!

  33. Air, Land and Sea – Buy it now – Great 2 player casual game missing from this list.

  34. Does anyone here play dragonwood? It's easy to learn and so addictive for 2 players.

  35. I recently picked up Cairn and it’s an amazing 2-player game. Easy to teach, quick-playing, and it leaves you always wanting to play another match

  36. My wife and I enjoy Patchwork, The Fox in the Forest: Duet, Schotten Totten, and The Tea Dragon Society. They are good small casual/travel games.

    I want to get Kingdomino, The Fox in the Forest, and Adventure Land from this list.

  37. Gilligan called, and he wants his bucket hat back. ; )

  38. You can make a travel version of Onitama using Tak pieces and smaller cards, all fit in one bag!

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