Top 10 "Casual" 2 Player Games - Not Just For Couples!! -

Top 10 “Casual” 2 Player Games – Not Just For Couples!!

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Top 10 “Casual” 2 Player Games – Not Just For Couples!!

FINALLY! Yes sorry this has taken so long but it’s time to start the 2 player game series of Top 10’s!! 3 lists, one for casual/new player friendly games, one for next step/middle of the road games and one for advanced players.

Also I’m fully aware I duplicated a transition where I accidentally put the No 7 transition for my No 8 pick. . . . . ah well these things happen, you’re smart enough to follow!



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00:00 – Introduction and KIENDA Promo
01:06 – Background
02:30 – Number 10
04:58 – Number 9
07:34 – Number 8
09:36 – Number 7
12:28 – Number 6
15:53 – Number 5
18:22 – Number 4
21:07 – Number 3
24:02 – Number 2
26:43 – Number 1
30:24 – Honorable Mentions
35:00 – Please Share and Support The Show

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  1. luke
    when is the review of obsession coming

  2. Really enjoyed this list, Luke, and am so looking forward to the next two. Having watched your channel for some time I think I could make a couple correct predictions. BTW, do you prefer Lost Cities over Battle Line (or BL: Medieval)? I know they're quite similar. Some like them slightly better.

  3. This was a fun list. Always on the lookout for a good 2 player game. I found Canopy recently at FLGS and decided to pick it up after watching your review. Looking forward to tabling it soon. I'd also recommend Land vs. Sea. I found that to be really enjoyable. Wasn't bad as a 2 vs. 2 game either..

  4. Great list thanks Luke. A lot of those are already on my list. A couple of others that are really good are Sobek 2 Player and the absolutely fantastic Caper: Europe. Caper is outstanding. Probably my no 1.

  5. I for whatever reason bounced off of Fox in the Forest hard. My buddy and I played three games and quit in the middle of the third game. I gifted it to another friend that was interested. We both love Cat in the Box and The Crew, so it was weird that we just simply didn't like it.

  6. Great video and list. I have many of those and want most of the others! Totally off topic (sorry) Lords of Vegas reprint and expansions is on kickstarter. I'm wondering if you've played it, and what you think of it?

  7. Surprised Santorini is not on the list. It's simply amazing and amazingly simple, with a lot of depth. If it makes sense.

  8. I got both Hanamikoji and Geisha's road on the latest KS including the mini expansions (on your recommendations). I honestly expected to get a little bored of just the base game and would want to move to Geisha's Road or the mini expansions. I am happy to say that I love it even with just the base game, and there is plenty of replayability in the base box. I'm looking forward to exploring the rest 🙂

  9. A lot of good choices here. I'd add Unmatched for sure.

  10. Question where can i download your intro music ? i always like your inro music im gona use it as my meditaion music thanks in advance

  11. Great list. Onitama is my Chess-game, Star Realms I love my Big Box with everything. Cascadia I only played so far 2-player. Interesting your take on more players. Sintra is my best version; so, I disagree here. Hanamikoji — I completely thought I ordered the expansions with Geisha's Road but didn't – and now they are not available. Luke, what about San Torini and/or Ragnarocks? Are they coming at "medium/midweight"? How about Parks or Land vs Sea?

  12. 🤮for Hanamikoji. I know we're in the minority, but Lexi and I would never choose this game over pretty much any other 2-player game. It's boring and never landed even though we've owned it two or three times now because of jokers buying us copies. 🙂

  13. No Mandala or or Ohanami or Sobek 2 on the list? Mandala is super casual, simple great game

  14. Such an interesting list. A lot of new games here for me, and i appreciate the listing for games which just 'play good' in 2p even if they can go up to 4.

    Cascadia deserves all of the awards though, it does so many good things very well on so many levels… It works as a 2p crunchy game, it works as a 4p pretzel game, it works as a Christmas family game with the basic family rules, it even has intermediate rules if the folks get a bit too good at it and want a bit more meat. And that's not even counting the supremely tight and satisfying solo mode and the replayability self-challenge campaign mode which, surprise surprise, integrates phenomenally with 2p games as those will be the ones you'd be hashing out more often.

    And across it all the fact that i can teach it as basically "take a set, make the map look nice and contigeous, go" with a clarification here and there on nature tokens/duplicates shuffle.. is amazing. I am shocked at how "Cascadia" ends up as the answer to a lot of queries.

  15. Loved your selection of Hanamikoji and Splendor Duel. We are considering Azul Chocolateir

  16. Excellent list, did not see Canopy incoming I admit, need to look into this one. How come there were no mention of 7 Wonders Duel, I know you consider 7 Wonders next step, and not casual, but I think both of them could be played on more casual note depending on mood. Are drafting/set collection games really that lacking of casual, two player options?

  17. Interesting list, looking forward to the others. Jaipur and Lost Cities never really grabbed myself or my family. Must play Canopy again it is good, I like it solo too. Kamisado and Hamanikoji sound interesting I'll have to take a look at them.

  18. Spirits of the Wild is the best one I have, but out of print. Butterfly is great. For card games, Archeology The New Expedition is good. But I will always recommend Cascadia if asked for a 2-player game for newbies.

  19. Hanamikoji was meh to us. It’s such a specific experience and some people are just way better than others. We sold it after 2 plays.

  20. My new favorite for this genre is District Noir… give it a try if you haven't, it's also available on BGA for free, but getting a physical copy might be difficult because it's mostly sold in France only.

  21. I love Hanamikoji but even after years I still have no idea how to play it

  22. I don’t like abstract battle games or anything that just looks or feels like chess, so our lists will be different I’m sure. Of those in your top 10 that I have played, yes I do enjoy the fox game and Jaipur. For light games my top picks would have been patchwork and then Splendor/duel (though Duel needs large print desperately), then Codenames Duet, then Jaipur. Love love love ticket to ride, and my favorite two player version of that is India, but prefer teaching a single new player on the Switzerland flip side. I originally learned TTR in a 6-player Team Asia… with very patient gamers!

  23. Good list! Here are some casual games that I play 2 players that were not mentioned :
    – Crokinole
    – Codenames Duet
    – Unlock! or Exit games
    – Santorini

  24. Tides of time, schottentotten, fungi I would recommend as well

    Never got really hooked by hanamikoji. It's ok but for me a 6 out of ten

  25. Excellent start. Looking forward to the other 2 videos in the installment.

  26. HIVE!! 🐝… where is it?! 😆 otherwise, a pretty good list! keep it up and looking forward to the next lists!

  27. Great idea for a 2 player list of casual, medium and crunchy. I really enjoy 2 player games with my wife. The more games I have introduced to her the more she loves them. It’s nice to have a variety depending on the time and complexity were in the mood for.

    A few we enjoy at the pub are love letter, and the mind.

    Splendor duel has been a huge hit with us as well.

  28. I would include "Battleline" and "Kahuna" as great casual 2-player games. Certainly less thinky than "Onitama" and "Hanamikoji" (which I would put on your next list). It will be interesting to see what IS on the next list!

  29. Lost Seas, Mandala, Botanik and Miyabi are all nice couple games.

  30. Interesting – i was expecting to have a lot of these "casual" 2 player games as I mostly play 2 player count with my husband, but I only have Fox in the forest (which I love and is new to my collection). Hanimakoji has been on my radar but havent bought it yet. Looking forwards to the next 2 videos.

  31. I’d also put in a strong case for codenames Duet here, and Iro!

  32. Some great games there, Luke – I enjoy many on your list. Some 21 others that I recommend are:
    Battle Line (without Tactics cards)
    7 Wonders Duel
    Enchanted Plumes
    Goblin Vaults
    Capital Lux II
    Dead Man's Draw (or Circus Flohcati)
    Nokosu Dice
    Incan Gold
    Samurai Card Game (or in 2023, get Pollen)
    Coloretto (or in 2023, get Triqueta)
    Claim (mix with Claim 2)
    Hey That's My Fish!
    Tides of Time
    Spirits of the Forest (or Richelieu)
    Mate! (old 1915 design)

  33. While it is't a causal game per say, since it takes a couple of games to understand how the icons work with each other. Race for the Galaxy is my favorite game for two players.
    The base for Race for the Galaxy can be played with up to four, it really shines at two. Usually me and a friend whip it out and play best out of three.

  34. Some of my favourite 2p casual games you didn't mention are: Carcassonne, Hive, Ohanami, Quarto, Crokinole, and Air Land & Sea (Critters at War)

  35. Where is your accent from? I can't place it.

  36. Royal Visit should be in this list, a really good casual game from Knizia for only 2 players

  37. Games my wife and I enjoy at two players include Calico, Schotten Totten, The Game Face to Face, Qarto, Downtown Farmers Market, and Hey That’s My Fish.

  38. What about Mandala from Lookout games? You'll probably like it if you like Hanamikoji

  39. Most of my gaming is between two players (when can convince wife to sit down a relax for a few), and your recommendations, as normal, are great. We same to have a similar, Eurocentric, taste in games so you are always one of first pages I check for info on any future purchase ideas. And you're funny too. Thanks for your work.

  40. Great video! You've made me want to give Canopy a second look. I would have had Targi in the mix somewhere. 😊

  41. I actually thought you were going to say Santorini or Hive at number 10 or 7 🙂 My personal favourite is the Unmatched series

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