Top 10 Best Multiplayer Games for the Xbox 360 -

Top 10 Best Multiplayer Games for the Xbox 360
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Top 10 Best Multiplayer Games for the Xbox 360

Now that the 7th generation is over, we can look back fondly at all the time we spent playing multiplayer games on our beloved Xbox 360s, wasting hundreds of hours cursing out friends and strangers alike over Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead, Grand Theft Auto, FIFA, Borderlands, Rainbow Six Vegas, Street Fighter 4, Castle Crashers, Forza or even Minecraft. When we were tapped into our Gold Membership on Xbox Live we created some of the best competitive and cooperative multiplayer memories ever, securing in our hearts and minds why the xbox 360 was our favourite console. Now, try to keep your KD ratio up and stay on the leaderboards, because this is no place for noobs: only leet gamers here.

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  1. sf4 and bad company deserved a slot. sf4 resurrected the fighting game genre and bad company 2 is a game that bf are still talking about to this day.

  2. hahaha gta #6 and minecraft #5 I love your jokes watchmojo…your joking…right

  3. Sorry, Halo Reach will always be the best game on Xbox 360, period.

  4. while I was glad to see halo at number one (i was hoping one of the halos would be here) I did wish to see black ops 2 here also it was one of the funnest games ive played

  5. Mw2 gameplay than they put bo 2 gameplay,of course

  6. i was getting worried halo 3 wouldn't make it. such an iconic game. I'm glad it made number one, because everyone and their mother played that back in the day 😀

  7. I was hoping H3 was the halo you'd choose. Well done.

  8. lol gta online in getting m0dded hard

  9. Why even call it a list of Xbox 360 multiplayer games when most of these games are also for PS3 and PC?

  10. Ah, I really do miss the days of the Xbox 360. I used to play Call of Duty and Halo with my friends all of the time! I'd go to the shop, buy a game, race home and play. Many laughs and memories. I never cared for graphics or frame rates, exclusive or timed DLC. As long as I had fund with my friends, I didn't care for anything else… Now I'm a PC gamer that cares graphics and frame rates, and I don't have any friends because they all started bullying me a few years ago and my best friend that I met online doesn't want to be friends with me anymore for reasons I still don't know. Because of this, I became depressed and borderline suicidal and for years no one knew. It ate me up from the inside out, and I'm only just now beginning to get better.

  11. Assassins Creed Revelation was awesome (but maybe not enough for this list).

  12. When I saw this a immediately thought it best be halo 3 or MW2.

  13. I think Plants vs zombies Garden Warfare should be on this list!

  14. What ever happened to the old WatchMojoDojo intro


  16. I was expecting supreme commander 2 or Transformer FoC but I guess they arnt that poplar :/

  17. Battlefield should have made the list and I personally like reach more then 3.

  18. Dam top 10 most are cross platform I did like DR2 multiplayer that was fun

  19. Bo2 because there are a great multiplayer mode and an amazing zombies mode

  20. Fuck yeah nothing came close to Halo 3 and nothing will

  21. If Halo Reach or MW2 aren't on here, something is wrong.

  22. They forgot to mention the major drifting community on forza 4 and the fact that you could play car soccer and tag.

  23. I think Black Ops 2 was best CoD, but Modern Warfare 2 is a really good game too so I'm not too mad.

  24. Halo 3, Halo Reach and Halo 4 were so much fun on Xbox 360. That's all I can get up to until the reveal of the Xbox One.

  25. lol did anyone notice for the Bad Company 2 gameplay in the honorable mentions they were using PS3 gameplay

  26. definetly halo 3 if any one wants to play with me reply

  27. Mass Effect 3 should have at least been an honourable mention

  28. good list except its a tie for me at number 1 halo 3 and cod mw

  29. Gta5 has best replay ever! Should have been first!!

  30. WHY! battlefield bad co2 an honorable mention! WHAT!

  31. I love Castle Crashers! I've finished it so many times.

  32. How much is the CD of xbox plsssss reply at me……thank you……

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