Top 10 Best Multiplayer Games for the Xbox 360 -

Top 10 Best Multiplayer Games for the Xbox 360
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Top 10 Best Multiplayer Games for the Xbox 360

Now that the 7th generation is over, we can look back fondly at all the time we spent playing multiplayer games on our beloved Xbox 360s, wasting hundreds of hours cursing out friends and strangers alike over Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead, Grand Theft Auto, FIFA, Borderlands, Rainbow Six Vegas, Street Fighter 4, Castle Crashers, Forza or even Minecraft. When we were tapped into our Gold Membership on Xbox Live we created some of the best competitive and cooperative multiplayer memories ever, securing in our hearts and minds why the xbox 360 was our favourite console. Now, try to keep your KD ratio up and stay on the leaderboards, because this is no place for noobs: only leet gamers here.

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  1. Cod 4 was better than modern warfare 2 but has so much hackers. Thank god for the remaster

  2. I'm a noob and need XBL friends. anybody want me to request? my tag is P0Yo

  3. missed splint cell blacklist, lord of rings north war, sonic all star racing transformer, resident evil 6 ,rayman, wwe.

  4. I laughed when I saw they put CoD that high.

  5. I'm still playing the 360 so many games I haven't played and they are cheap

  6. is cald soccer is cool Neymar Luis Messi.

    and reanaldo

  7. mw2 – Best cod ever. it will be the next cod released too, its gonna be remastered 🙂 think we all been waiting for that

  8. xbox 360 can't Online?
    i think not can't online

  9. halo 3, battlefield 3, gta 5, battlefield 4 and fight night champion are my top5

  10. Please. Not everyone thinks fps games are good

  11. Halo 3,battlefield 3,gta 5,fight night champion, forza 4

  12. first time….watchmojo satisfied me with their list!

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  15. I was saying halo 3 while listening to this vid and I was playing online

  16. MW2 has the diffinitive call of duty multiplayer, it just fun and fast paced

  17. All of these people are noobs on minecraft I have a diamond sword and its enchanted

  18. While PS3 have best exclusive bu the online multiplayer game on Xbox 360 are much better than PS3

  19. You know you cant find any multiplayer games when you go to watchmojo for them

  20. a lot of games dont support multiplayer anymore. like ps3 gran turismo 6 are you kidding me I paid top dollar for that game when it came on the market I even signed up to get the game asap at its release date. but the release date was extended over and over again…. because yes they had to compete with forza motorsport 3 and 4 so sony lost there because gt6 wasnt even finished the in car graphics are just black screens in most cases. but yes multiplayer was great. but no its not there anymore bummer. and I am not going to buy a ps4 because the xbox 360 is already so much better with full hd 1080p graphics for all games. so really nah I am going for the xbox one when it gets a bit less expensive on the used market.

    I got my xbox 360 with kinect and chat pad and 10 games for only $25,- good as new not really used a lot.
    and the used games are like $1,- to $5,- so also sweet. the 360 is still really awesome

  21. Portal 2 isn't in there? You monster, thats why you wont get cake.

  22. Do you need gold for everything? I don't want to pay for gold. Cause I can't

  23. Most stupid list ever only shooters all the way where are the other games , this list is more like worst 10

  24. Back in the day Me and my brother beat castle crashers with all the characters.. sadly my brother went to college and stopped playing games😔

  25. This list should have Mortal Kombat (2011) because it's the best fighting game along with Super Street Fighter 4 on both the Play-Station 3 and Xbox 360.

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