Top 10 Best Co-op Campaigns On PS4 -

Top 10 Best Co-op Campaigns On PS4

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The top 10 best co-op campaigns on PlayStation 4! These are our recommendations for the best stories to play through with a friend (or friends!) both online and in couch-co-op. We’ve gone for bigger, more ambitious blockbusters rather than pick-up and play party games – here are 10 of our top picks – let us know if you agree or which games you think should make the list in the comments!

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  1. World War Z is an extremely fun 4 player game, basically the modern Left 4 Dead. Still play daily because there's nothing like thousands of zombies on screen at one time. Every game you play after will feel slow by comparison. Different characters and classes plus weapon mods to play with.

    *Remnant From the Ashes will also blow your mind!

  2. I tried playing A Way Out with my partner. We broke up that same day.

  3. A Way Out was great with a curious ending. very enjoyable!

  4. borderlands 2 would have been a better choice than borderlands 3 even if it is almost 8 years old now, still one of the greatest games ever created

  5. I played a way out with a friend, and I just had to download the demo. That ending caught me by surprise, I was talking to my friend like he betrayed me🤣

  6. How you on the PSN team but pick Nioh 2 over Bloodborne. Appalled.

  7. Conversations on PubG arent like that. You shouldve made that comparison. Lol

  8. Anyone notice during the monster hunter part Arekkz is there?

  9. No list in description? Easy thumb down

  10. Gauntlet/Helldivers/Styx: Shard of Darkness/Divinity/The Division 1+2/Resident Evil Revelations 2/Alienation/Livelock/Trine 2-4/Steep/Killing Floor 2/Van Helsing/Shadow Warrior/Strange Brigade/The Forest/Saints Row 4/Far Cry 4+5 + New Dawn/Payday 2/Magicka 2/Torchlight 2/Dead Nation/Remnant: from the ashes/Lara Craft and the Temple of Osiris/Wolfenstein: Youngblood/Tom Clancys Ghost Recon: Wildlands + Breakpoint!!! Some games that i played with friends – not all of them are good – just a coop list 🙂

  11. Helldivers was pretty fun also up to 4 players!

  12. Nath the Elf-Dwarf (Dwelf) should be his D-n-D character.

  13. So.. if you don’t want isometric or first-person only… you’re boned?

  14. Bell didn't invent the telephone, his lab buddy did. He just happened to patent it.

  15. You forget Generation Zero!! For ps4 coop killing Robot invasion at Sweden!👌

  16. I miss something like Army of Two or Kane & Lynch co-op.

  17. Classic fantasy heroes aren't human elf dwarf and wizard. in fact classical fantasy games don't really have gyros in them they'd simply have races and rolls or classes. The first three you named our race has the last one you named is a roll or a class.

  18. We need more couch coop high quality fun games.

  19. Just finished a way out, play it today with a fun friend. You won't be disappointed. I'm currently searching for another game like this.

  20. Not a fan of how the nioh co op is done at all

  21. A good video doing its job well, other than the wannabe commedian narrating – just tell us what we want to know, not what you think might get a laugh.

  22. Resi 5 is still the best Co-op Campaign but even Resi 6 in Co-op is good.
    I like Way Out

  23. Where is a list of the games mentioned that should be a must

  24. Anyone can give me a list of co-op games to be played locally? So on one system at home, NOT online

  25. DWARFS?! All bout the 40k Tyranids & I'm afraid!! :p
    Great list PSA!

    The fall that Rob let happen, priceless 👌 😂

  26. I thought you might have had a good thing going until you listened monster hunter on you list.
    Now I'm doubtful on all your suggestions.

  27. That's not true about Nioh 2…you can play the whole game coop with a friend in a private party without any of you having already completed the levels on solo.

  28. Alexander Graham Bell didn't invent the telephone, that was Antonio Meucci

  29. I was going to riot if you didn't mention the Borderlands franchise

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