Top 10 Best Co-op Campaigns On PS4 -

Top 10 Best Co-op Campaigns On PS4

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The top 10 best co-op campaigns on PlayStation 4! These are our recommendations for the best stories to play through with a friend (or friends!) both online and in couch-co-op. We’ve gone for bigger, more ambitious blockbusters rather than pick-up and play party games – here are 10 of our top picks – let us know if you agree or which games you think should make the list in the comments!

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  1. There's warhammer chaosbane and diablo 3 and gauntlet

  2. Also idk if it counts, but killing floor 2?

  3. Dead space 2 and resident evil 5 were great fun

  4. A lot of violent games. There's so much more to gaming than just killing stuff…

  5. But NOBODY plays Diablo 3 on console.. like ever.

  6. So looking for a co-op game to play with a friend. Not sure why I’m being spoken to like a child?

  7. Are the games online coop or with friends at home

  8. Me and a friend played A way out last night. Absolutely brilliant game!! It had us both pissing our selves laughing. Best game I've played in ages!

  9. That conversation about the Fabric Softener was priceless, lool

  10. Bro I want more co op games like a way out those hit different

  11. I would not put MHW in can just play together if all Partymembers have seen the Cutscene before or call for help after the Cutscene that is a bit dissapointing….

  12. Can someone please tell which games of this video has split screen co-op (besides borderlands and the way out)

  13. Graham Bell didn't invented the telephone, Antonio Meucci did it.
    The US congress itself had clarified that issue

  14. I dont know why are you saying that in expedition mode in NIOH 2 you need to have level completed before playing with friends? We finished all the game together, no one had to play by themselves to do any missions beforehand

  15. If y’all never heard of it, play the game series we were here. It’s basically a co-op escape room. It’s cool for two friends. I personally liked it.

  16. Let's be honest. Gears of War is by far he best coop campaign. Don't shoot me. I'm a PS4 owner 🤣

  17. Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is one of the best co-op FPS on the console. You get two full campaigns for 4-players (online/split-screen), plus (around 16?) zombie maps with the Chronicles DLC and the Dead Ops Arcade. Underrated.

  18. For honor kinda underrated with no hud max difficulty

  19. I tried playing monster hunter world with my friend, but never could play together, except for some secondary hunts or if one of us already did the mission.

  20. Currently we play a lot snowrunner online. Also fun.

  21. EVERYONE NEEDS TO GO TO 0:38 seconds. is it me or does that guy look like Reno from Brawlhalla!?!?!?!?

  22. Can't be good to have the chemical residue in constant contact with your skin. Skin is our biggest organ and absorbs all kinds of chemicals bypassing the kidney's filtration ability.

  23. 1-warhammer vermintide 2

    2-dying light

    3-diablo 3

    4-nioh 2

    5-divinity 2

    6-monster hunter world

    7-darksiders genesis

    8-star trek bridge crew

    9-borderlands 3

    10-a way out

  24. We need more coop games. Everyone wants competitive games.

  25. Divinity is one of the best games I’ve ever played

  26. Too many cartoony children's games and God damn fantasy, monsters, witches and other similar bs games nowadays.

    When I play a game, I wan't to somehow be able to relate to the characters.
    Running around like a maniac slaying creatures taking up the whole screen is only fun the first minute.

  27. Nice try with your image anchoring slaying of a serpent and original sin. gtfoh

  28. Why do u speak like that? Are you ok? Do u need help? A Dr perhaps?

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