Top 10 Best Co-op Campaigns On PS4 -

Top 10 Best Co-op Campaigns On PS4

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The top 10 best co-op campaigns on PlayStation 4! These are our recommendations for the best stories to play through with a friend (or friends!) both online and in couch-co-op. We’ve gone for bigger, more ambitious blockbusters rather than pick-up and play party games – here are 10 of our top picks – let us know if you agree or which games you think should make the list in the comments!

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  1. Just looking for fun games to play with the wife on the weekends

  2. Why do u speak like that? Are you ok? Do u need help? A Dr perhaps?

  3. Nice try with your image anchoring slaying of a serpent and original sin. gtfoh

  4. Too many cartoony children's games and God damn fantasy, monsters, witches and other similar bs games nowadays.

    When I play a game, I wan't to somehow be able to relate to the characters.
    Running around like a maniac slaying creatures taking up the whole screen is only fun the first minute.

  5. Divinity is one of the best games I’ve ever played

  6. We need more coop games. Everyone wants competitive games.

  7. 1-warhammer vermintide 2

    2-dying light

    3-diablo 3

    4-nioh 2

    5-divinity 2

    6-monster hunter world

    7-darksiders genesis

    8-star trek bridge crew

    9-borderlands 3

    10-a way out

  8. Can't be good to have the chemical residue in constant contact with your skin. Skin is our biggest organ and absorbs all kinds of chemicals bypassing the kidney's filtration ability.

  9. EVERYONE NEEDS TO GO TO 0:38 seconds. is it me or does that guy look like Reno from Brawlhalla!?!?!?!?

  10. Currently we play a lot snowrunner online. Also fun.

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