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Top 10 Advanced Two-Player Games

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Tom Vasel, Zee Garcia, and Mike DiLisio take a look at their top 10 advanced games for two players.

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Tom 33:15
Mike 35:16
Zee 37:52
Tom 40:10
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Tom 48:32
Mike 50:55
Zee 54:17
Tom 58:03
Mike 1:01:07
Zee 1:03:56
Tom 1:07:20
Mike 1:10:12
Zee 1:12:02
Tom 1:15:10
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Tom 1:23:45

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  1. This video would have been like 30 mins if you all didn’t rip on each and focus on what you are trying to say without being interrupted.

  2. " I know two things, this game is heavier than you think it is and these pretzels are of the devil!" – Zee

  3. I honestly love terraforming Mars with 2 players. Obviously it’s still great at 3, but 2 is really good

  4. Thank you for mentioning Wildlands! I love this game and have gone deep into every expansion, but nobody knows about it (or so it seems)!

  5. Duelosaur Island FTW! Nice pick, Mike!

  6. Marvel Champions is best with 2! Great pick, Zee!!

  7. Another great list … needs Ghost Stories though. Also, the pretzels ON THE TABLE … just no. 🙂

  8. Top 10 games turned into card games could be a good list

  9. Why are so many people that call them selfs board gamer so low thinking about new people? Like here.. thinking targi is to much for a new person.. Targi? Really? There I like people like tom.. that brings out heavy stuff right away. People understand.. they are not stupid just becouse they never played a game before

  10. I'm surprised a game from LVL99 didn't get a mention here as they make great tactical 2 player games. I'm a huge fan of Pixel Tactics, but for the sake of greater complexity, I'd have put Battlecon on the list, and I know Tom likes that series. In my opinion, Battlecon is a superior dueling game to Mage Wars or Summoner Wars. Pixel Tactics is much simpler but I'd generally rather play it over those others as well.

  11. Android netrunner and star wars rebellion for confrontational strict two player games, and aeon's end for cooperative games, playable by more but best count at two.

  12. Definitely would of put Knightmare Chess on this list. Awesome game!!

  13. I feel like Mike really misunderstood the purpose of the pretzels 😏

  14. "these pretzels are of the devil" –Zee Garcia

  15. It's a shame that "Metallum" a Polish action placement and area control game in space hasn't been promoted well enough, because it's the best 2 player only game. So fun!! I hope you guys might play it sometime.

  16. The fact that venture rules text is not on the card has me totally skipping Adventure in the Forgotten Realms. What are WotC doing…

  17. Wow, no War of the Ring or Star Wars Rebellion? Roy must be spitting tacks!

  18. I need to go ahead and start purchasing some of these. Then all I’ll need is a second player.

  19. Le Havre!! Agree that two players is the best.

  20. I for one would love to see the middle list

  21. How does War of the Ring not make anyone's list? It's 2 player only and can't be high on anyone's list to teach a non gamer…

  22. For those who like Magic try Flesh & Blood. Very cool tcg. For board games I'd have A Few Acres of Snow and Tash-Kalar on this list.

  23. 32:34 I agree with… Tom. I don’t think the game is that difficult to play, once you teach them the rules and demonstrate to them an example of a turn.

  24. 59:27 You see. The game being too tactical and not being able to plan is my issue with Five Tribes. It would work a lot better with 2 players because it is more “chess-like” (but I would be more likely to call it casual).

  25. 1:08:52 Boo… Disagree. I refuse to play Gloomhaven as a solo game. Again, it goes back to the fact that because you have to play 2 characters, you will always know the EXACT number on both of the cards which you will be playing – which takes away the imperfect communication which is part of the game. For example, you can say, “I am going medium fast”. While your partner could also say, “I am also going medium fast”. Then you won’t know who will go first until you both flip your cards over. Playing solo defeats the purpose and makes it less fun. And I definitely would not want to experience the game for the first time this way.
    BTW, I am generally not a fan of this imperfect communication mechanism. I have zero interest in The Mind or The Crew, but I believe the system is part of the charm of Gloomhaven (and the fact that it is a heavier, more complex game than those other games makes it fit better in Gloomhaven).

  26. 1:19:02 It is also an auction game, in which you have to ask yourself when to cut your losses in order to save the rest of your deck (strategically)! 🙂

    Thank you, Mike! You are back on my good side now! 🙂

  27. 1:01:32 Yes, I agree 🙂 You two have changed a bit since Sam left. You guys are meaner now, it seems. Well, mostly Tom, 'cause Zee's…always been kinda mean XD so the change isn't that apparent.

    1:01:39 I have wondered that too. You and Zee CAN be quite mean to Mike sometimes, as in blurring the line between joking and actually mean/bullying. I don't know. It makes me wonder about that question though (How does Mike put up with these two?). He must really need this job XD

  28. I was lucky enough to get Blue Moons Legends brand new for less than $100.

  29. Unforgiven is excellent. Great pick, Mike!
    This was one of the most hilarious lists you guys have done in a while, and I loved it. Thanks!

  30. MAGE WARS! My all time favorite game, for 2 players yet. I just love it, never get tired of it, and it just disappeared suddenly.

  31. Mechanics is correct as Tom conceded (see ‘quantum mechanics.’ That has nothing to do people who fix cars. And that term has been around for decades). It seems that those who come from an RPG / MtG background seem to say ‘mechanics,’ and those who say ‘mechanisms’ come from board games. But ‘mechanisms’ works as well, (though it makes me cringe every time you guys say it).

    However, when I hear ‘mechanisms’ I think of machines or contraptions (the game Mousetrap does use mechanisms) just as Tom thinks of people who fix cars.

    I purpose a new word to put this ‘controversy’ to rest: Mechanix. Pronounced ‘mech-a-nix.’

    Ok. I feel better I got that off my chest.

  32. Star Wars: The Card Game for me. But it’s no longer officially supported.

  33. I got into Crystal Clans recently. It is 2 player only, but maybe fits the ominous middle list.

  34. Mike is spot on about "Blue Moon". This game is not only excellent, but if you want to play all those different factions well it definitely becomes an "advanced" challenge.

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