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Top 10 2 player only games

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Today, we are taking a look at our top 10 games for 2 players only!Timestampts a bit lower down!This is a genre of games we played a lot of, and today, we’ll tell you which ones we like the most. If you, like us, are stuck at home with one other person, this might be a great list to find some new games to play and enjoy together!We would love it if you subscribed to our channel, it literally makes our day!If you like what we do, you can check out our Patreon page here: :

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  1. DVONN is my 2nd favourite of the GIPF-games. TZAAR (random setup or 1 by 1 setup) is the best modern abstract strategy game. As said before, try out Tintas. Its also super accessible and smooth. You get the "DVONN vibe" 😉

  2. Thank you for making this list! If I can get my daughters to play a game with me it is usually only one at a time so I needed more two player suggestions

  3. Hey guys, I'm really happy I found your channel. I really appreciate your content and style! Looking forward to more stuff in the future!

  4. Love watching your videos expecially game nights. Would really like to watch a game night of castles of Burgendy 😊😊

  5. hey! from the UK. Awesome vids and depth while your going quickly through the lists.
    I'd really like to see some photos/gameplay clips of the games your talking about, because your montioning games ive never heard of and I want to see what the games look like 🙂 I find myself googling them or jumping on bgg to see them. cheers and keep it up.
    Becasue you have so many games, do you have any tips for learning new games? My wife and I don't feel very confident when learning new games and can feel its all a bit too much to begin with (arckham horror lcg is one of those for us).

  6. Thanks for the video! 😊 Agree with you on Summoner Wars, Patchwork, and Hanamikoji. Would also like to add some lesser appreciated titles like Jurassic Snack, Trambahn, 7 Ronin, The Game Face to Face, Day & Night, Flowerpower, Revolver, Haru Ichiban, and Odin's Ravens 2nd edition as well as some better known ones like Seasons, Klask, The Fox in the Forest, Carcassonne the Castle and Kingdomino! I have a lot of 2 player faves! 😃

  7. Aaaaahhh much better! 🙂 Your games improve when we cut off your ability to play multiplayer! 🙂 Though that means we can't play them as the 3 of us …….crap! 😛

  8. Skulk Hollow looks really interesting, I should probably pick that one up. That and Fields of Arle.

    Valley of the Kings, Race for the Galaxy, Dice Throne, 7 wonders Duel, Hive, Five Tribes, Fantasy Realms, Tzaar, Code Names Duet, Gloomhaven

    These are some of my favorites in no particular order. (2 player is the best way to play all of these in my opinion)

  9. Why are you keeping Foothills away from your gaming partner? Seems so mean. Share the love, share the game.

  10. For me very interesting how different people see things differently. For instance I own Hanamikoji and like Hanamikoji but you do overplay it at some point while Summoner Wars and other bigger games give you a lot fresher feel while also offering more choice, tactics, strategy.

    Fun Fact Android Netrunner is the game I spent the most money on in general. Bought them last year, hard to get some stuff, prices went up, even bought 2x custom made playmats + plastic tokens from USA

  11. Oooooo. Top 10 vids! Let’s see how many I know and agree with 🙂

  12. Mage Wars Arena…. too long… try Mage Wars Academy. More streamlined and quicker. I LOVE the spellbook mechanism and this game might be getting some coverage on my channel.

  13. Arkham Horror is propably top 3 game all time for me! another really nice video. thanks!

  14. Star wars rebellion is a lot better with the expansion! Didnt really care about the game before i bought the expansion

  15. i suggest one more for you: targi. strictly 2 player game.

  16. There’s nothing that comes close to MTG for variety and replay ability. If you want to save money, use the forge software. You can play with every card ever released (40,000) in booster draft, sealed, quests, challenges, commander, etc. My favourite is full pool draft. Against AI or online. Makes magic online look like a joke. If this had cost $100, it would have been a bargain for the amount of daily play I get out of it. I’ve been playing this for at least five years, up to 50 matches a day, and there are still cards and combos that I have never seen before. For a more tactile experience, I made a Battlebox of 900 cards (search Brian demars) that is the definition of a desert island game. The only board game you missed is ‘watergate’. Definitely the best two player game I have played outside magic.

  17. Great list, Ramblers. The only one I owned and got rid of is wonders: duel. For me, android netrunner, patchwork (and the automa bot is tough if you ever want to try the solo), agricola creatures big and small (with expansions), targi, middle earth ccg, Foothills, Mandala (you guys need to try it!), Claustrophobia, Trambahn and star wars tcg.

  18. I can't understand your english. He should make an effort to improve his pronunciation

  19. I would pick Summoner Wars, Hanamikoji, Keyforge, Magic the Gathering, Star Wars Queen's Gambit, and Stratego Legends! I like the cooperative LCG's at 2 players but they can be played up to 4!

  20. Some you missed:
    The castles of burgundy, santorini, five tribes, y&y, lost cities, hive!, chess, etc…

    Patchwork and mtg are sweet. Nice to see them getting some Norwegian love.

  21. Suprised nobody mentioned Twilight Struggle, War for the ring, Watergate, Memoir 44, Undaunted or any block war games

  22. War of the Ring and Star Wars: Rebellion are my favorites when I have a few hours for a nice big two-player game. 🙂

  23. Nice list. Lots of great games. I think I would have added Duelosaur Island and One Deck Dungeon (with expansion) to my list. Love patchwork and 7 wonders duel. Think I have to buy Fields of Arle 😀

  24. Hi guys,
    Another great video. Thanks.
    One of my favorite 2 players game is Watergate.
    I also would like to try TAK. Did you try it?

  25. Really thought the game that says it takes 4 players but is obviously a 2-player game would be Tash-Kalar. I see it on the shelf!

  26. Good list but the jumping camera view is weird

  27. It’s worth playing the Arkham Expansions if you haven’t yet. The base was good, the expansions make the game great. Thanks for the content!

  28. Mage Wars is in my top 5 fav games, I've had it for over a decade! I play Summoner Wars when I cannot play Mage Wars

  29. I think it's time for a best euros for 2 players list!

  30. Wow! Nice content! I also want to share this Lagim Card game that my family and I are enjoying. It's amazing that they actually came up with the idea of Philippine Folklore since it's kind of dying down a bit. It will surely educate future generations.

  31. Does anyone know which of the expansions for 7 Wonders Duel they were referring to?

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