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Top 10 2-Player Only Games of All Time

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  1. 🍺+🍞 so good. The problem i have had with codenames is me and yhe wife find it far to easy, we have never lost and even on higher difficulty. Far to easy, maybe we just know each other very well 🤷🏻

  2. Great list! My husband and I really enjoy Raptor.

  3. Six of my ten most favorite games are two-player games — sadly, because for me, they're the most difficult for which to find players. Particularly, customizable, two-player games where you need to find someone else into the game as much as you are to build their own decks/assemble their own teams."Rebellion" is a great game (and in my top ten games of all time), but it's not short. First time I played, it was close to 6 hours (not counting an hour to set up). But it doesn't seem like a long game, because you're so engrossed in play, that it seemed like barely two hours. (We couldn't believe it when we looked at the clock and saw how long we were playing.) It goes more quickly once you get used to it, and/or have a friend who isn't AP.Among my top 10 favorite games, the other two-player games are Dice Masters, Star Wars Armada, Combat Commander Europe, Star Wars Destiny, and the Star Wars LCG (all but one of which are customizable). While no longer in my top ten, Twilight Struggle (at #11) is also a great two-player game — as is Neuroshima Hex, a bit lower on my list. And, yes, Hive is another good two-player game which can be played almost anywhere and quickly.

  4. What a great video. Thanks for the recommendations. 👍🏽.

  5. Hi I recommend on hero realms so thanks for buying it because of my comment 😁

    Don't forget to buy the heroes and the campaign if you are into the co-op mode.

    The pvp is nice but hero realms shines only with the campaign

  6. The best two players games I play with my girlfriend are regular splendor, comic hunters, and Jaipur

  7. Some of my favorites not on your list:

    Undaunted, Radlands, splendor duel, shards of infinity, Santorini, battle line, and land vs sea


  9. I love all the Codenames and while Duet is the obvious choice for a two player game, I love Codenames Pictures the most. Adds a level of difficulty!

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