This 2 Player Pokemon Nuzlocke Has NEVER been done! -

This 2 Player Pokemon Nuzlocke Has NEVER been done!

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1. Only 1 Encounter per Route & both Pokemon are linked forever. If either faint, both pokemon are dead!
2. No primary typing’s are shared on the team! (Charizard & Blaziken can’t be on the team together, both primary fire types)
3. Team Sheet is allowed but Damage calcing in battles is not!
4. If either player white outs, it’s GAME OVER!


  1. Growl twice and tackle 4 times to defeat Gary in normal game

  2. We need a few dads being dudes podcast episodes with you guys just talking about stuff so I can listen while I work. Talking about anything. Team builds, ideas, anything. Shady did some announcing back in the day. Just like listening to you guys talk.

  3. Why did the first Pokémon change to Lillipup when that wasn't one of the starter choices 😵‍💫

  4. Glad to see a reference to the old soullink even if the old partner was a very awful person. A lot of us still have fond memories of those series.

  5. Yeah it’s so odd to see that my favourite thing that I would keep to myself because it wasn’t cool and you’d get bullied and now it’s like the cool thing and I’m happy about that

  6. 10:20 i aint ever get bullied out of it cuz if they wanted me to stop i could just fight them. Plus i was on the football amd wrestling team in highschool

  7. I know naming your Pokémon is a big thing, but I don’t understand why in Sol link you don’t name the links the same name so that when you know one dies, you’re not confused of who to give up

  8. My cousin said he won’t play a game cause his friends call it anime. So anime isn’t cool everywhere now

  9. I was never vocal about playing pokemon and I was limited with what anime I had access to but anime was more accepted than Pokemon at the high school I stayed to graduate at. By the time Black and White was out my senior year lots of guys were admitting they actually still liked Pokemon, a few of them mostly to say they were upset gen 5 was starting out with an all new dex and one guy really was wanting to play through with a Ponyta.
    I remember a friend helping me get to the mall because we were in the middle of nowhere rural South and my guardians made it hard for me to get out the house, but he helped me get Black and we went to the park and the guys watched me play with the girl wearing too short shorts. Lots of jokes but they enjoyed watching me play and the next day another friend was talking about the starter he chose and his little brother. Think his bro started with Tepig because he got the 'cool' monkey which was Pansage and my friend got one he didn't like, I forget which he was upset about. That and me and a couple guys tossing our Pokewalkers around our desks to get the steps in for HG/SS are some fond memories from that time in my life.

  10. Dad's being dudes, I'm excited subscribed immediately

  11. Leon specifically tells the kids NOT to get into it and that he and the adults are taking care of things…

  12. anyone else try and figure out what shady was sipping on? my two choices was an alcoholic beverage or death wish coffee

  13. The original Shady intro and the early primary ice reference sent me BACK! Hitting me with the nostalgia frame one. Already love this series!

  14. Soul Link returns, Shady's OG intro, Primary Ice… Damn the nostalgia hit me right in the feels today. I was NOT ready, this is going to be awesome ❤

  15. It's primary ICE baby 😂 what a throwback

  16. I'm glad Shady's PTSD of Primary Ice still exists

  17. I remember my brother in junior year of high school making fun of the anime lovers then low and behold my brother doesn’t stop talking about anime 2 years later 😂 it was like I went into a different universe

  18. Not a dad but a dude nonetheless 🖤

  19. No damage calcs is crazy, but I think its a good choice for the series. Good luck 🫡 Super excited for this series 💕

  20. My rillaboom has cheek pouch and it's nasty. With drain Punch also. Hard to take him down

  21. This is going to be the best series ever! 😀

  22. Anyone have the link for Radical Red?

  23. Shady's Intro brought me back in time and space before I was a Dad and Shady didn't have a beard.

  24. Well im sorry for you guys also i never got bullied

  25. how do you get all the items given to you guys like that? is it just a new build?

  26. Yo I’m so beyond excited for this, and when Shady said the thing I literally no joke got hit with some kind of emotion. ❤️❤️❤️

  27. I beat Radical Red nuzlocke, it was 3.2 but still i beat it

  28. Chills man. Didnt know how much i missed Shady soul links

  29. It was crazy being a part of the flip in that culture. I was never truly bullied out of Pokémon but kept my love of anime secret. Seeing it become more accepted was awesome I love putting people on to new shows I think they’ll enjoy!

  30. Yoooo this channel gonna be so fun to watch

  31. As a Mom playing Pokémon and closer to Shady’s age, I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. Parent gamers unite!

  32. You guys should consider naming the linked mons the same(so that you don't use a dead mon by mistake)

  33. What’s the theme playing during the intro

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