The Top 5 Multi-Player Games on Xbox Game Pass 2021 -

The Top 5 Multi-Player Games on Xbox Game Pass 2021

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The best Multi-player games on Xbox Game Pass. How many of these games are you going to do a full play through on? With a vast library of games, it can be sometimes hard to find the best ones to play. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of the Top 5.

#seaofthieves #back4blood #halo

0:00 Intro
0:04 Dead by Daylight
0:55 Outriders
1:58 Forza Horizon 5
2:50 Halo: The Master Chief Collection
3:38 Honorable Mentions
4:55 Sea of Thieves

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  1. What's your go to multiplayer game on Xbox Game Pass?

  2. Just a heads up, the video chapter thing on the play bar shows the games at the wrong times

  3. This is what’s good on Xbox game pass? Forza, Halo old collection, fucking miNeCrAfT, and sea of thieves!? 😂
    looks like the free games they give you for having gold membership💀

  4. Sea of thieves is great, But beware the community can be toxic.

  5. Wich game for 2 playr on one device?? Or one xbox one

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