The Top 10 Two Player Board Games of All Time -

The Top 10 Two Player Board Games of All Time

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Honorable mentions Battle of Five Armies and Android: Netrunner, both in consideration but not included for reasons.

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  1. Excellent list! I agree with many choices and am happy to be introduced to a few I didn’t know (Caper Europe being one of them). And yes, no question that 7 Wondes Duel deserves top billing!

    Another recent favorite is Radlands. Love the artwork, quick playtime, and interesting choices to be made turn. Plus an easy rematch if one isn’t happy with the result.
    One I’ve considered that also looks great as a 2p is the Unmatched series. But would likely chose Summoner Wars over it for all the reasons you mentioned

  2. Have agreed with @Luis Garcia 's recommendation of Hive below, but I'd also add Onitama. Such a lovely game – tight and strategic, but also very gentle, despite its abstract nature (and the art work is amazing …)

  3. Caper: Europe & 7 Wonders Duel our fave 2 player games. Intend to give Radlands a go if I ever find the super deluxe version.

  4. Any opinions on Radlands? I know it’s not perfect, but for some reason it’s my personal favorite 2p game. I also love Royal Visit (my favorite Knizia, in fact) and Air, Land & Sea.

  5. I hate 7 wonders duel and I also hate patch works both games are the wrost there is!

    I still root for Targi and Jaipur

  6. Great list but Raptor should have been on it 😉

  7. Clearly you've never played Lost Cities, San Juan, Watergate or Twilight Struggle.

  8. Nice list! My favourite 2 player games are Imperial Struggle, Watergate, Super Fantasy Brawl & Stronghold Undead

  9. Geez I wanna try so many of these. Caper Europe looks so good!

  10. Great list, we have a lot of "crossover" here, buuuuut… no Undaunted????

  11. I really like Fugitive and Fox in the Forrest. Codenames Duet is another favorite.

  12. My Top 10:

    7 wonders Duel
    Codenames Duet
    Star Realms
    Lost Cities
    Caper: Europe (never played but i think it would be on this list)

  13. My list would be
    1) Targi w/ expansion
    2) 7 wonders duel w/ pantheon expansion
    3) Patchwork
    4) Air,Land and Sea
    5) Radlands
    6) Caper Europe
    7) Jaipur
    8) Riftforce
    9) Watergate
    10) Land vs Sea

  14. Circle the Wagons seems to miss so many top 2 player game lists, and it’s a shame. I know it’s mostly because people haven’t heard about it too, so I try my hardest to make it known. It’s such a genius 18 card game.

  15. Great video, alot of games I've never heard of on this list that look great. Some of my favorite 2 player games are Hive, and Oden's Ravens, and while not strictly two player only, I've really gotten into dice throne lately.

  16. If you can appreciate abstracts at all, Mandala is a must try. It's my favourite 2p only game.

    Hanamikoj is a great little game too. I'd like to try Land vs. Sea and Great Plains.

  17. The theme may not be exciting for everyone but 1960: The Making of the President is an incredible 2P game. Great tug of war and the card play in that game is absolutely brilliant.

  18. Great video. Found some stuff for the wishlist!

  19. Outstanding list! It's only missing Watergate!

  20. My favorites are BattleCON and Mage Wars.

  21. What is your opinion on the Unmatched series?

  22. Nice list, even though i disagree on Patchwork. I have played it 100s of times and have been bothered by the luck of the initial sequence. I played it primarily against a colleague and after many many games we could basically predict the winner from the get go.

  23. The game Targi is originally pronounced /'ta:gi/ with a hard g 🙂

  24. Other 2-player games I enjoy: Onitama (arguably my favorite game), The Fox in the Forest (also arguably my favorite game), Schotten Totten, Matcha (not a good game, but a game I'm still fond of), Hanamikoji, Royal Visit, Hive, Mandala, Quarto

    Play well at 2: Piepmatz, Village Green, Azul

  25. My favorite two player only games: Raptor, Dice Throne, Godtear, Onitama, Spirit Island I think it best at two player.

  26. Soo many of these Best/Top "2-Players" videos are an identical list, and a few of the repeats/ staples made it onto this one as well,. But, I'm glad there's a few on this list that I haven't seen anywhere else.

    Completely forgot about Skulk Hollow, glad this video reminded me it exists.

  27. nice list, always good to see good old jaipur getting some well deserved love ! (even if i'm not into the theme i have to admit it works so wonderfully well !)

    As far as i liked 7 wonders Duel, i found it to be a bit disapointing at a time, when i sometimes realize that no matter what action i'm going to take, i'm gonna left myself behind and get the lose.

    We switched to Splendor Duel and Tokaido duel, 2 lighter games that works well for us.

    I defenatly have to try Targui someday ! once again the theme isn't speaking to me at all but like jaipur, i might get surprised !

    here are few other games that are working great at our place :

    -Astro Knights (or Aeon's end, but i prefer the faster setup from astro knights)

    -Alice's garden (wich we do prefer better than patchwork 2p)

    -Mindbug (fast, quick and furious)

    -Power Plants (nice looking, good interractions)

    -Circle the wagoon / Crypt of sedlec (two excellent microgames for 2 players)

    -Spirit Island (nothing left to say !)

    -The game (Small coop, perfect travel buddy and also great at 3 players)

    —————— ———————- ——————–

    Cheers from belgium !

  28. Great list. Thanks for putting it together. Definitely want to try Caper Europe and Duelosaur Island. Some of my favourite 2-player games are Santorini, Tides of Time and Onitama

  29. Some games on your list******** seem to consistently be mentioned in top-10 2 player lists! BTW, Do any of the games mentioned play well digitally (PC Game)?

    7 Wonders Duel ********
    Caper Europe *********
    Jaipur *******
    Duelosaur Island ********
    Patchwork ********
    summoner wars
    Cthulhu Wars: Duel
    Targi ***********
    Thunder and Lightning
    Skulk Hollow
    Battle of Five Armies Android: Netrunner

    Or how about other popular 2 player games.. do any of these play well on PC?


    Wingspan (Asia?)

    Lost Cites
    Castles Of Burgundy
    Great Western Trail (Argentina ?)
    Bear And Bread
    Fox in the Forest
    Land Vs Sea
    Dice Thrown
    Grand Austria Hotel
    Five Tribes

    Star Realms

    Hero Realms (deck builder)
    Beer and Bread

    Hey! That's my fish
    Kitchen Rush

    Fields of Arle
    War of the Ring
    baseball highlights 2045

    The Raptor
    Naga Raja
    Hero Realms

    Arc Nova
    Quest for El Dorado
    Empires of The North
    Dice Miner
    Terracotta Army

    Paris City of Lights / Paris La Cite de la lumiere
    Jekyll Vs Hyde

    Magic The Gathering
    Star Wars Rebellion
    Lawyer Up


    Fairy Trails
    Super Mega Lucky Box
    Isle of Cats

    Hadrian's Wall

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