The Crew 2 - Two Player Touring Car Battles with IsuckAtDriving (Coop Multiplayer) -

The Crew 2 – Two Player Touring Car Battles with IsuckAtDriving (Coop Multiplayer)

Paragleiber (Gleiber)
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Unfortunately a proper PvP mode will only be added to The Crew 2 in December but it is already possible to have races with friends by doing the single player events together. Here you can see two nice Touring Car races that I had with IsuckAtDriving for his Ferrari FXX K video.

0:00 Golden Hills Race Track – Saleen S7R vs Ferrari FXX K
3:41 Jersey Race Track – Maserati MC12 vs Ferrari FXX K

As you can see it’s certainly possible to have some nice battles if you have players that drive fairly and don’t try to ram each other off the track. The drafting will also lead to a bunch of overtakes.

Here you can see the races from ISAD’s point of view:


  1. not gonna lie, i thought isuckatdriving was gonna win that first race but u came in clutch as fuck

  2. Oh that's his gamertag in Crew 2? And I always wondered who is KanataLivington in my friend list that im always competing with 😀
    Its the legenedary GrandmaDriving 😀

    @Paragleiber – If you wanna do a HC race sometime, lmk.

  3. A preview of the new PvP mode! Nice racing mates.

  4. I'm surprised with the outcome here. I thought the MC12 would beat the FXXK, and the S7R wouldn't. Of course, it also comes down to a bunch of other factors as well, so maybe that's why

  5. Just a battle of Titans. Love these channels!

  6. Do you experiece crashes in The Crew 2? My screen just like freezes and stays like this. Had the problem from the beginning on, not sure what causes it. I know Im not the only one that has this problem but I cant find a fix.

  7. Does anyone know how to play two players

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