The Best FREE Multiplayer Games of 2022! -

The Best FREE Multiplayer Games of 2022!

Rye Games
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I’ve realised Multiplayer games that are cheap are hard enough to find as it is, so I decided to go through the painstaking process of finding the most underrated and completely FREE Multiplayer games! This list features MMORPG, Survival, PvP, PVE and building games!

Note: Many of these games are only available on STEAM!

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1. Will To Live –

2. Stay Out –

3. SCP Multiplayer –

4. Deceit –

5. We Were Here –

6. Rogue Company –

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If you read this all you’re a legend 🙂


  1. I also play splitgate if anyone wants to know

  2. scp:SL i also a good game for free its like scp contaiment breach but with better graphics,mechanics etc.

  3. 2:40 now you made me super sad. I miss the old Deceite sooo much. Now they made it in to a cheap copy of among us. I HATE what they did to one of my favourite games.

    Edit: I'm glad you mentioned this. Yes the game is no more. It was one of my if not my favourit game. Now it's not worth downloading at all. It's absolutte shit. I would actually appreciate if everyone reading this go to the steamshop and leave a bad review in the game saying the update broke the game.

  4. The hero we didnt deserve…thx for the list rye!

  5. hey, i just wanna say that Stay Out is a multiplayer game out of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Trilogy, kind of a spin-off, actually, and probably you would love to see S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly (a free standalone mod/game) by the community of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

    Nice list btw.

  6. Perfect video. I hate videos like these that show the most boring games

  7. What a coincidence, i downloaded scp about 5 days ago and then uninstalled it yesterday because it was confusing, also, idk if it's my ping or a bug but i can't see the soldiers when I'm the monster so that was annoying

  8. As a will to live player I can only give u one pro tip…don't get scared of going on high lvl areas even if ur low lvl cuz either u can find high lvl players that can help u or you'll get urself killed both things are fun and u can find some pretty good loot😌

    Edit: don't panic over weapon prices and armor prices cuz you'll earn a lot more money than u can spend as u progress GL

  9. When people talk about scp:coitenment breach , most of them don't know about of the scp:secret laboratory, that is more realistic an betther to play, AND is free to

  10. Love the list man! how about making a video about upcoming survival games like Meta Island? I think it would be cool!

  11. Games you wouldn't have known: Proceeds to show the most well in known games

  12. Very interesting video. All the other videos talked about games that everybody knows, but you really searched unusual but promising games. I opted for will to live, and I am excited to try it out with my friends. Thank you very much for your video, your channel is definitely understimated. Keep up the good work !

  13. I paid full price for Rogue Company when the beta first released and I was absolutely pissed. I'm glad that they went free-to-play, they certainly needed to to not ruin their player base, but my opinion of it hasn't changed much as the game hasn't changed much either.

  14. Him explaining deciet: its like among us but on drugs
    Me :/

  15. u can play scp secret lab instead of containment breach

  16. Will to live is such a hidden gem, same as stay out 🙂 fun list although I'd say Rogue is pretty well known with advertisement everywhere for it a few months ago 🙂

  17. Deceit is fucking asss. Too fucking random and complicated

  18. Stay Out is a free game technically, but to the inexperienced newbie it's pay to win

  19. 5000 hours on will to live online 10/10 recommend for a f2p game with a very small dev team they did it really good

  20. "Number 6, Rouge Company"
    Never heard of that one before

  21. i feel like you missed out on some real good ones like retail royale!

  22. The title should be free fps games. Was hoping this would have a game I was interested in but it's pretty much a bunch of fps games. Not every one likes fps games.

  23. "Rogue company, why not try it~?"

    Uh I did…it was great until the next year…

  24. Rogue company is AMAZING. I have played 600h and will not stop anytime soon.

  25. 5:40 – "You become one of the Stalker, whatever that is"
    Really bro ????? You dont know who a Stalker is, damn…

  26. Will to live sounds pretty fun, about to try it now

  27. The last two are old, Russian games in which everything is bought for a donation – buy to win. The graphics there are such that the eyes hurt, they are normal only for 2010 👎

  28. I think stay out is inspired by s.t.a.l.k.e.r

  29. So a list off games u havent played but you think they are better then their steam rewievs?

  30. Nice list, thanks! I haven’t heard 4 out of 5 so nice job!

    I would like to see the “best not-free games to play with friends” list too 😀

  31. that rogue company footage and information is SOOO out of date for when this video was posted.. Rogue is a great game and is way better and looks nicer now.

  32. do horror or first person survival build city

  33. lol 6:33 cant belive when i turned it up on steam it was in sink with the trailer and your video

  34. Sorry but rogue compagny is not a FPS but TPS mate

  35. To Stay Out:
    You have pretty good character customization at the start

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