The BEST Couch Co-Op Games on The PS5! - Ranking Local Co-Op Multiplayer Games - Play, Rank, Share -

The BEST Couch Co-Op Games on The PS5! – Ranking Local Co-Op Multiplayer Games – Play, Rank, Share

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Single player games are great, but there is something special about playing through a game with a friend or a partner in the same room. Growing up, I played plenty of couch co-op games with my brother, but this subset of games seems to be waning in popularity in more modern console cycles. So, for this video I have amassed and ranked what I think are the 7 best couch co-op games you can play right now on the PlayStation 5. The games featured in this video (in alphabetical order) are:

Chicory: A Colorful Tale
Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed
It Takes Two
Nobody Saves The World
The Quarry
Sackboy: A Big Adventure
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

What’s YOUR favorite couch co-op game on the PlayStation 5? Be sure to leave a comment below letting me know, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Try Overcooked 2. I randomly stumbled across it and gave it a try with my little brother and neither of us know how to cook much but after learning the game mechanics, we were being super competitive trying to cook up those plates as fast as possible. Felt like being on Top Chef or something

  2. It takes two there I already give you like and share ❤

  3. The Quarry is an excellent game for those who played Until Dawn, and then decided they wanted to play something worse lol. Even UD had better graphics and acting

  4. I love couch co-op games. Too bad only a few games are being released

  5. Can't wait for diablo 4. Also couch co op

  6. Unravel 2 should of hit this list that's absolutely a TOP co-op game 🎮 quite surprised I didn't see it.

  7. great video! SUBBED. looking forward to new vids and going thru your backlog. THX

  8. Do you know the reason why there aren’t many couch co op games for PS5

  9. You forgot about Kitaria Fables. It's an awesome co-op game for two

  10. It takes two is amazing!!! One of the most interactive games I have ever played. My bf and I spent two whole days playing it.

  11. How could you forget the best coop game (local/online), the Earth Defense Force?

  12. How could you forget the best coop game (local/online), the Earth Defense Force?

  13. A way out? Haven? There is plenty more. Unravel 2, Moving Out, Overcooked 2.

  14. It Takes Two was more boring for my wife and I tbh. As beautiful as it looks and designed, the gameplay just didn't satisfied us because it's just mostly straigthfoward an interaction problem-solving action game that has us working together relying on eachother to continue. I mean of course that's the purpose of the game, it just didn't much gameplay replay value for us after finishing. Neither was there anything to make us anticipate for as we play & progress the game.
    Games like Sack Boy atleast we can collect stickers and play along the line of doing other tasks as we play.
    Now Tiny Tina's Wonderland on the other is AMAZINGLY fun. So much details hone into the gameplay from stats, loot, building your power and more! The vibe is just so fun we end up hours at night, ignoring sleep hours… lol… I guess we're more into leveling up and looting system like Minecraft Dungeon, Diablo, Portal Knight, Kitari Fable, Outward, etc. Any recommendation for similar please help!

  15. played it takes 2 with my girlfriend. I play games for more then 14+ years no and i must say that that game is 1 of the best if not the best co op experience ive had

  16. Flat heroes. Best couch co-op I've found on playstation

  17. His partner….why not say your boyfriend or husband? Everyone talks about proudness but nobody ever owns their stuff. Just my thoughts though

  18. Been a gamer for 35+ years, and have really been enjoying It Takes Two, we haven't finished it yet, definitely hope they bring out more couch co op games like this, or just more couch co op in general.

  19. Broforce is a favorite and all of its 8 bit glory!

  20. do more please… 1 screen couch multiplayer.. 2d games

  21. Great video but you made a couch co-op video without including Overcooked All You Can Eat?!?!?!

  22. You missed A way out that was made by the same team as It takes two

  23. i started with it takes two and it just set the bar that high, that's how good it is

  24. Does Tiny Tina have vertical split screen?

  25. do it more videos please… co op non split screen… offline games

  26. It takes two is a game that I wasn't even bothered about but when I finally just played it, it's absolutely incredible imo

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