The Best Board Games For Two Players...That Aren't Specifically Two Player! (Episode 8) -

The Best Board Games For Two Players…That Aren’t Specifically Two Player! (Episode 8)

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We thought we’d share our favourite games to play when it’s just the two of us, that aren’t specifically designed for two players! It’s quite easy these days to find a list of great games for two players only, but much harder to figure out if games designed for 4 or 6 players would be worth getting if you only play with two people. We briefly describe each game and then take you through which aspects of the game design make it so much fun at two players, while contrasting it with what is different at higher player counts.
This is the 8th video in this series – so be sure to check out the first 7!

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0:00 – Intro
1:08 – Perspectives
5:03 – Forest Shuffle
9:10 – Apiary
13:03 – City of the Great Machine
18:15 – Nucleum
23:10 – GWT: New Zealand
27:15 – Voidfall

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  1. I agree with the concept of a 2P soloesque game. Me and my girlfriend have had some surprising decisions regarding games and player counts, for some games we actually enjoy the solo mode which we just talk through together, or games where the coop is kind of tacked on anyway, say Frostpunk. One of our favorite games to quickly pull out has ended up being Railroad Ink, but by this point we're just playing on a single solo board (thinking about the Epic/Giant one!) and talking through decisions and optimisations. I wish more games were looked at in that way, "is this dense enough or pleasant enough for two people to think through it?" instead of necessarily having a "2P" tag on it.

    Also just want to say i appreciate not hiding games in lists and could skip around, watched the entire video on 2x just so you guys get the algorithm stats.

  2. Samarkand: Routes to Riches (Queen Games) give rules for two players consisting of one change. It's a network building game which is more interesting the fewer players.

  3. Really enjoying your channel. Nucleum gets better with each play. Played it at all player counts, scales very well. Great recommendation!

  4. Good video. You both give good and useful commentary. If he said Saxony again you should have bitch slapped him.😂

  5. Just a quick correction – Nucleum is published by Board & Dice, not Stonemaier. 🙂

    Thank you for the video! A lot of these are sitting on our shelf and we're looking forward to breaking them out of the shrink wrap.

  6. I'm gonna have to check out great western trail new zealand, I pretty much only play 2 players, so it should fot nicely in my collection

  7. I honestly think Stationfall is a fantastic two player game. It's much more thinky and chess-like and much less chaotic.

  8. I love this series, thanks for putting another one together. A big ask but… maybe after part ten you could rank them all, or perhaps split them into a few top tens by weight or primary mechanic. Thanks again for all your work in this series.

    I'm looking forward to your Great Western Trail buyers guide.

    Definitely keen on trying Apiary. I love Scythe but it's not very good at two. Also, want to try Expeditions as I've heard it's best at lower player counts.

  9. In the city of the great machine, While it is the easiest to hide your intentions with silence if there is only one rebel, it is easier to distract the great machine if there are 3 rebels, the fact that the 3 player version of the game is best co-op is the funny one with that game.

  10. Great video! My friend and I really enjoy On Mars at two.

  11. You listed Nucleum as published by Stonemaier Games. I don't think that's right.

  12. I highly recommend Planet Unknown, it is the #1 favorite of multiple people I know at 2 players, and it works just as great all the way up to 6 players — and you essentially get to take a turn during other players turns, so no real downtime. Very simple to understand, wildly satisfying, with just the right balance of depth/skill expression for a casual strategy game.

    Another personal favorite: Tyrants of the Underdark.

    And Dominion and Carcassonne I think are underrated in these 2 player lists, because as simple, easily accessible, and RNG-based as they are, they have very high levels of skill expression for more competitively-geared 2 player pairs. Carcassonne for instance has many times more visible skill expression at 2 players than it does at 4 or 5 players.

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