The best 2 player games for PC / TOP games for two on one PC | Игры на двоих на одном компьютере| -

The best 2 player games for PC / TOP games for two on one PC | Игры на двоих на одном компьютере|

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Hi, in this video we will take a look at the TOP games for two on one PC – reviews and trailers, timecodes and descriptions for the games below, enjoy watching everyone!
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00:05 – A Way Out
This game was specially tailored for two players and online (or split screen, if there are gamepads) – a single passage is impossible here. This is something like an interactive movie about a prison break, where two characters of different characters and fate are forced to act together to find freedom. The game is full of intense action, requiring well-coordinated cooperation, as well as fun mini-games like playing with a friend on the basketball court, throwing balls into the basket, and so on. As usual in action-packed action movies, there will be many unexpected plot twists that will surely surprise you.

01:45 – Tools UP!
A very original multiplayer project, just perfect for a group of friends gathered in front of the monitor. Players will have to try on the role of repairmen who equip the house in conditions of increased danger – it is difficult to control the character, the floors are flooded with lava, moreover, you need to meet the specified time. The game generates a whole heap of funny situations and gives a reason to laugh heartily. The only drawback is that after a couple of hours you will probably get bored with it.

02:45 – Left 4 Dead 2
This game does not support single-PC co-op functionality by default, but the modders have corrected this misunderstanding by releasing a split-screen mod on Steam. Now two players in the company of two more bots can go through the entire storyline together, shooting tons of ordinary zombies and special infected. What is noteworthy is that the campaign is not limited to the campaign alone – no one also forbids you to compete in modes such as battle or mutation (unless, of course, you are embarrassed by the fact that a friend can spy on the other side of the screen and determine your current location).

05:40 – Overcooked! 2
It would seem that there could be a more pacifying and calm occupation than cooking. But not in this case. Overcooked players! put in conditions under which they are forced to rush along the level like crazy and perform the assigned tasks, being driven by the timer inexorably approaching the zero mark. You will have to cook exquisite dishes in fancy locations where portals are placed or natural disasters occur (for example, a volcanic eruption). All of this is spiced with a bunch of non-obvious gameplay mechanics and a rating system that evaluates the success of chefs in cooking.

06:55 – Human: Fall Flat
The project seems to be specially created for two players to play on one PC or online. In this advanced physics-based 3D platformer, characters can carry and throw objects at each other, climb obstacles and push, falling to the ground even with light pokes. Throughout the many levels, friends will find hundreds of ways to experiment, have fun and have fun. And that’s not counting the tons of content that the mod creators have developed and posted on the Steam Workshop. If you’ve already wiped out the main game, be sure to stop by and check out the custom creations.

08:15 – Darksiders Genesis
If the three previous parts of the Darksiders series were classic, almost reference slashers with an admixture of metroidvania, then this project, which is a prequel to a previously unfolding story, decided to conquer another niche – isometric. Yes, now it is vaguely reminiscent of Diablo adventure game with the possibility of pumping and co-op. Play together with friends, cut right and left the creatures of heaven and hellish depths, improve characters, making them killing machines. In the plot, the fourth horseman, Discord, will be revealed to us, and they will be allowed to play for him, which is also an additional plus.

09:45 – Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince
Another part of the adventures of a thief, a knight and a wizard, forced to again fight another evil and solve riddles based on the physics of objects and pressing various levers. Characters, each with their own set of skills, can go through the game from start to finish without the help of each other – any problem has several solutions at once, both in single and in joint mode. You can play together or even three, and if there is free space in the group, any of the participants gets the right to switch to the absent character at any time.

11:30 – Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
A spin-off of the famous Tomb Raider series with a bias towards cooperative playthrough.

13:05 – Mortal Kombat 11
Before us is one of the bloodiest and most brutal series of games that ever came out on personal computers, and a great occasion to compete with your friends.

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  1. 🎮 Игры и тайминги:

    00:05​ – A Way Out

    01:45​ – Tools UP!

    02:45​ – Left 4 Dead 2

    05:40​ – Overcooked! 2

    06:55​ – Human: Fall Flat

    08:15​ – Darksiders Genesis

    09:45​ – Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

    11:30​ – Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

    13:05​ – Mortal Kombat 11

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