The 21 Best Nintendo Switch Online Multiplayer Games -

The 21 Best Nintendo Switch Online Multiplayer Games

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You can make and break friends without ever needing to see them – this is what society has been building towards

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  1. 21 best online Switch games? Bruh, I only count ONE that works and it has no voice chat; Mario Kart 8. Literally none are even good. Wii U being free had better online experience and more features that don’t charge $50-80 up your ass to emulate only a few decent old games which I can do on my phone without dropping a dime

  2. We can always count on Jon to explain what the Internet is 🤙🏻

  3. When you wish you could play these but your switch doesn't work. An don't have the funds for a new one 😞.

  4. Fr… friends? I'm not familiar with this concept of "friends".

  5. You forgot MK 11 for fighting games. Lots of content for a fighter. But nice list.

  6. I do have a few friends with a switch but they all broke af so they only play the games they already own basically

  7. Mortal Kombat 11 Switch isn’t to bad online yes you can get a bad match but it’s rare now well for me, also Doom Eternals battle mode is also pretty damm good online

  8. I love seeing Pokemon Unite getting some love. Been enjoying it on and off since launch.

  9. Really sad to hear that MH Rise won't support crossplay with the PC version. Was really looking forward to but it but now it seems I need to find another game🤧

  10. Me: Guess I should get some friends to play these games
    My anxiety: Aww that's cute

  11. We all know that we're actually paying the 20 dollars each year for an annual play through of Super Metroid.

  12. So Jon finally discovered something called The Internet. Okay tell me then Jon, have you finally sat down and watched the greatest sitcom of all time The IT Crowd? Out!

  13. Are people still playing Friday the 13?
    Murphy’s Law
    And does anybody play bullet battle evolution because all those are on sale

  14. Lmao his baby face with the deep voice 🤣🤣

  15. in defence of smash online haters, its mostly people who play competitively who complain about it. for competitive fgc online is already never ideal, and smash is on the worse end of fgc online experiences. and of course there is the occasional little timmy playing with a super casual ruleset 5 miles away from his router on wifi.

  16. I mean, Overwatch just has to be on this list.

  17. Genuine question how does Warframe look so good? Looks like one of the best looking switch games out there

  18. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a pretty fun time if you're playing with a friend or friends. Played that from start to finish with a friend at launch. I think the only other game I've played online that's not on this list is Pac-Man 99. That one is fun for a while; a much faster paced game than Tetris 99. I'm currently playing Dying Light (which looks better than it should on Switch), but haven't played it with other players.

  19. I've gotta give plenty of love to Pac-Man 99. It has a high learning curve (which the game admittedly does a not-so-great job of teaching), but once you learn the basics, it's a blast. The community is also by far one of the most supportive I've ever been a part of, which makes it that much more enjoyable to just hop into matches and see who all else you manage to run into during games! Easily one of my favorite games on the Switch.

  20. The only problem I face when playing online is having a party… I have friends (not many) but really no one wants to play games with me 🙁

  21. Dude, you have the most epic voice! I dont know if youre into Karaoke but ill bet you could sing a KILLER "Youre a mean one Mr Grinch."

  22. i really just hope MK9 employs the "smash bros" approach. theres NO reason they cant mix all of their IP's together from the start. to make things even better, do the same thing as ultimate, where they start off with a small roster and have us unlock more characters in a 1 v 1 match. MK8D to me just felt like once i did all the maps once, i was kinda done. i want more to look forward to.

  23. Other social deduction/survival game is Project Winter with proximity chat. Also recommend the multi-player for Dying Light and World War Z

  24. Plants VS Zombies Battle for Neighborville is a really fun hero shooter on the Switch. Wish it would get more attention

  25. Full Metal Furies! Its a 4 player online or local co-op action RPG. Fun combat and really underrated. And its like $5 right now

  26. This dude tells jokes is just really uncomfortable and it makes me want to take a shower

  27. if you can find people to play with, killer queen black is super fun multiplayer.

  28. Mario kart 7 is still hopping. I was playing yesterday

  29. I soloed Monster Hunter Rise for over 100 hours when I tried out the online multiplayer (with strangers) and man, I was so happy to have some help with rampage quests and the apex monsters. Never playing that one alone again. Can't wait for the DLC to dive back in.

  30. 3:47 If only winning at tetris 99 was as easy as you say. I have played nearly a thousand games and still haven't won

  31. It’s impossible to find a match in Street Fighter

  32. I'm listening to this while I play tetris 99

  33. That was odd I'm watching this on the day after my birthday

  34. What about online single player games? Mario Maker is the only one that comes to mind.

  35. pokemon unite is pay 2 win and you ranknit high? 🙁
    in the last time i see an increase in videos but a decrease of content. maybe you can get to the basicd. pretty sad 🙁

  36. Pokemon Unite is also on Jim Sterling's worst games of 2021 list. Pay to win aimed at kids is pretty disgusting imo.

  37. That's cool and all, but why don't we have voice chat so we could actually play the games with friends?? We are going into 2022 now and we don't have a damn voice chat on the switch???? Where is the outrage
    (And no, that phone app crap is not real voice chat)

  38. Very informative, now all I need is a subscription.

  39. I loved the first splatoon so the 2nd was a must, Santa brought me it and i love it.

  40. Completed 3D World fully online with my friend from Norway when it released last year!! We did every level except the very last super duper hard unlockable level. The experience was pretty good and we had a lot of fun. 🙂

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