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The 10 best games for 2 players

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  1. I suggest these game instead: targi, 7 wonders duel, wir sind das volk (better than twilight struggle for me), Arkham horror LCG, race for the galaxy, everdell (cause otherwise becomes too long), wingspan

  2. Have you tried the Netrunner new base set, by NISEI, called System Gateway?
    It's like the best time to actually get into the game, imho

  3. Tanhks for the list 🙂 I really love Targi. A great 2-player game

  4. My favorite 2p games are 7 Wonders: Duel with both expansions, Five Tribes (I think it’s best at 2p), Targi, Akrotiri, and Hanamikoji.

  5. Not gonna lie the moment you said Fire Fighting coop I instantly regretted not buying Flashpoint yesterday at a local shop. Then I was surprised you said Pandemic and Arkham which I already own so it worked out. Played Arkham instead haha.

  6. Fun fact.
    During the Kickstarter for this war of mine awaken realms held a character concept competition for a free copy of the game.

    Mine was the winning entry of a 'homeless person' 😁

  7. Naga Raja is also such an amazing 2 player game!

  8. Kia Ora from Kirikiriroa! Was just googling for some good 2 player board games and this video was recommended. I happen to own a few of the games you listed, so thought ka pai – somebody else thought these games were good too 😁

    When I get the opportunity, I'll definitely grab Santorini as it looks like a great fit for the types of people I play with, and I seem to like the kind of games you do.

    Thanks for the recommendations. Subbed.

  9. Would definitely recommend Sekigahara! Have you tried it before? 😁

  10. Nigel was a co-worker. He will be missed. 🙁

  11. This channel profoundly influenced my taste in board games. Took a break from watching these videos because I’ve already bought enough games. I got lucky to find this channel early on. Thanks for all you do.

  12. Yay, Jaws. I wish I got to play it more. I like the first part of the game better.

  13. I can understand people playing the core set of Android: Netrunner, dealing with rules and card complexity, but with System Gateway, which is the best starter product for a card game, one's got to consider it as the best 2p game especially after discovering and building with FFG or NISEI cards

  14. Amen, some very great stuff there. I’d throw out ‘Race for the Galaxy’ – that double action selection system leads to some very powerful effects, the game plays at a clip and it mitigates the worst part of the game (once you get past the teach) – having to shuffle that deck multiple times in an explore heavy game!

  15. Some nice suggestions I haven't tried.

    We used to not play games as 2 players because when we entered the hobby it seemed that either a game was for 2 players, or it usually was tacked on.
    Nowadays there are tons of good options.

  16. "Alone" from Horrible Guild is also a great two player game if you enjoy survival (Horror) SciFi theme.

  17. I believe that Unmatched is one of (if not the best) game for two players, great components (except for the board), great cards graphic design, but what’s more important great, thematic and fun gameplay for each fighter and their number keeps on growing. It’s pretty easy to explain the rules too and there is no need for long preparations before the game. As a disadvantage I’d say that some characters that you can play have 60% win rate over 40% win rate on some other characters, but it’s still pretty close and you can make a home rule on having a ban for let’s say 1 character from the one you can pick.

  18. I think my favorite two player games would have to be Hive (Pocket), Onitama, Santorini, Targi, Android: Netrunner, Gloomhaven, The Captain is Dead, and Spirit Island.

  19. Seven Wonders Duel and It's a Wonderful World are my favourite games for 2 players

  20. Wow, I did not expect your #1, but I heartily agree! Amazing game. I don't see myself ever tiring of it.

  21. Oh man, use the proper sized sleeves for your Star Wars Rebellion 😀

  22. As for the war games that you have on your list, they are truly great games!

  23. The "Fury of Dracula" is in a category all its own.

  24. If Grand Austria Hotel isn't on this list I don't know what to say 🙂

  25. Another excellent list- would love to see your best 3p and 4p lists (my usual game group size) cheers!

  26. The majority of my gaming hobby is also in two player games. My wife & I enjoy multiple games on this list, especially Santorini for all the reasons you specified! Really great video~

  27. I wondered what the words are above the numbers until I realized they are the Maori words for 10 to 1. (I speak Tahitian,)

  28. Great list! I agree Santorini is definitely #1. A few that my wife and I like: Unmatched, MicroMacro, and Raptor, but my game group and I love Dice Throne as well.

  29. My wife and I are currently in love with Everdell. We haven't tried the coop variation yet because enjoy going against each other!

    RIP Nigel

  30. Really enjoyed the content here! One of my go to 2p games is Quarto. It's basically advanced tic tac toe, very thematic to 4s and is visually nice looking wood piece game. It's deceptively hard at first and yet every new player I show this to wants to go again and again

  31. Santorini is a big hit in my house and whenever I hear someone say they are not a fan I ask if they are playing with the god powers. Often we draw them at random.

    Jaws comes out from time to time bit living on Long Island with a rash of shark "attacks" this summer, really nibbles, it has gotten more play recently. It helps to have the soundtrack playing in the background.

    The one undisputed king of two player games though has to go to… CROKINOLE!

  32. New to board gaming and feel so stupid not thinking of playing multiple characters each. Thanks for your great review.

  33. Hello nate What is the video title where you're wife actually gave her list of top best board games?

  34. I really love Summoner Wars for a 2p game. All factions have a unique playstyle. It is easy to learn, yet hard to master. The game feels well thought out and balanced. Of course it's for people who like card games and a bit of fantasy.

  35. How is BattleCON not mentioned in the comments? That's my personal favorite board game. It simulates a 2D fighting video game. I've played it hundreds of times, maybe even thousands (it's about 30 minutes long) and still haven't explored all of the game yet. I own all of the sets, so I have about a hundred fighters. Each fighter has their own gimmicks and strategies, and varying levels of complexity, so some are easier to learn than others, but each have a deep level of mastery. There are also tons of variations and modes of play (ranging from 1-5 players, co-op, team battles, bosses, dungeon crawling, various kinds of stages, equipment and items, etc.) but those are icing on the cake.

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