The 10 best 2 player Xbox One games (Winter/Spring 2020)| Console Deals -

The 10 best 2 player Xbox One games (Winter/Spring 2020)| Console Deals

Console Deals
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Craving some top-tier co-operative action on Xbox One? You’ve come to the correct place. In this video we round up the best 2 player Xbox One game s- both local and online – helping you enjoy an interactive adventure with friends.

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  1. dislike videos because i need 2 player same console and same monitor, not multiplayer online

  2. First of all Forza horizon 4 and Sea of Thieves does not allow split screen on xbox idk what he’s talking bout but if it is possible I would love to be proven wrong

  3. Journey to the savage planet was the most enjoyable non action shooter game I've played in a long time. Completed it 3 times with my partner. We loved it.

  4. 19k views and only 169 likes? (+1 like) 🙂

  5. Can we get an updated intro with you wearing a mask at the grocery store?

  6. Do u need xbox gold to play PvZ Battle for neighbourville split screen?

  7. Um. . . Warhammer is online only and their is no split screen take off your list

  8. Forza horizon is only 2 player if you have two separate devices

  9. You sound like dangthatsalongname lol

  10. A way out will always be my fav game matched with rdr2

  11. Are u saying sea of thieves is local 2 player

  12. I’m confused you said at the beginning these are why you should buy 2 controllers but it seems like most of these are just multiplayer via online mode??

  13. Sea of thieves with a friend right next to you.. as in classic local couch co-op ?

  14. Are you serious? Dude you are really strange . Those games are crap .

  15. I asked for two player games one online multi player games and only a few on this list counted.

  16. Looking for a game to play with my 6 year old daughter, cuphead looks like the one!!!

  17. Id play gears 5 but its not out until 20189

  18. What console should i get ps4slim/pro or xbox series s! (Ps5 digital is out of stock)

  19. I play a way out but i dont know what to do at the watch tower bit

  20. I wish they made more couch co op games. We need arcade type racing games and adventure fantasy/ sci fi games, I hate that video game companies are making less and less Couch coop games. Having friends over used to be fun now we only can play a few games. I miss the days I could put in NFS and play with friends while smoking some good.

  21. I like how everyone is complaining about how some of these games aren't split screen even though he is covering both like hush he's doing his best damn…

  22. How do you play 2 player on forza horizon 4? I've tried its like there's a glitch..

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