The 10 best 2 Player PS4 games (Winter/Spring 2020) | Console Deals -

The 10 best 2 Player PS4 games (Winter/Spring 2020) | Console Deals

Console Deals
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If you’re a PS4 player craving some co-operative action either locally or online, you’ve arrived to the right video. Here we run through the 10 best 2 player PS4 games as of the Winter/Spring 2020 period.

Read here for the full written version:

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  1. Thank you for making this list , its hard to find 2 player game 👍😁

  2. How can you make monster hunter two players

  3. Wheres nioh and nioh 2, darksiders genesis, code vein, wwz, dauntless, destiny

  4. If you can plz respond which one is very good story 2 player game

  5. Not sure how a way out was not mentioned?

  6. Guys, let's make a list of the games that be should be included:
    – A way out
    – Unravel 2
    – Outward (recommended)
    – Minecraft dungeons
    – Don't starve together
    – Terraria
    – Children of Morta
    – Divinity Original Sins 2 (A must)
    – Gang beast (for parties specially)
    – Guacamelee 2
    – Helldivers
    – CoD series
    – Sport games (Fifa and so on)
    – Rayman legends

  7. What about Resident Evil 6? It’s perfect for two players.

  8. This is a really entertaining video . We have a countdown of Top 5 Split-Screen Games you'd love to see😂We'd be glad if you check it out and tell us what you think.🙏

  9. Mate Wolfenstein is not fucking co-op literally came to this video took the advice believing that I could play with my other half at home to download the games and find out otherwise. I’ve Written this channel off now… and also it’s not better than IGN

  10. Nobody wants to play far cry new dawn that game is ass

  11. Shadow Warrior 2 is so criminally slept on. Having so much fun playing it online with my friends right now.

  12. When you mention wolfenstein youngblood you should probably include the that you need to purchase the digital deluxe edition if you want to play with a friend who doesnt own the full game. Purchased this game tried to play with a friend but you need a buddy pass to play. Which is only included in the deluxe edition

  13. Youngblood???! ARE YOU KIDDING ME😂😂😂 its awfull god dont reccomend this crap

  14. Not even 1000 subs but 93k views that’s crazy

  15. That first looked really fun what's the name again

  16. He sounds like Matt talks tech and it’s killing Me

  17. Do you know any free to play 2 player games on PS4? Even if it’s just one can you tell me?

  18. Can you play these games on the same ps4 next to each other

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