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TDG: Cody’s Top Ten Two Player Games

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Join Cody as he looks at his Top Ten Two-Player Games of all time!


  1. Good stuff…might want to try Crusade and Revolution some day. Imperial Struggle is more inward focused and less about what handing your opponent and it might be somewhat anticlimactic after battling it out through all the wars.

  2. Was surprised not to see Imperial Struggle or Sekigahara. Also, I know War Room is a team game but we play it 2p 🙂

  3. I was suprised that Battlelore 2 is not on the list.

  4. Twilight Srruggle is a incredible game.. Good Review

  5. Good list! Surprised to see Twilight Struggle's the only CDG on here though. Any reason Paths of Glory or Empire of the Sun didn't make it?

  6. Solid 2 player list Cody. And I did see Greyhound. Had to sign up for a trial to do it, but what the heck. Now all these stream services give you a few free nuggets and charge you for the rest. And hey, go to Worthington’s game page for Freeman’s Farm. They’ve got a new Rules Clarifications. And it definitely clarifies some things!! Thanks Cody.

  7. Can't believe I haven't played even one of those. Love your insight, I've gotta try them sometime… Here's a quick list I threw together of my favorite games with 2 players:

    10. Lord of the Rings Confrontation
    9. Crokinole
    8. Vampire Empire
    7. Claustrophobia
    6. Catacombs
    5. Codenames Duet
    4. Lord of the Rings LCG
    3. Arkham Horror The Card Game
    2. Star Trek Fleet Captains
    1. Mage Knight

  8. I specifically tried not to make my list too wargame heavy….

    10. Claustrophobia
    9. Space Hulk
    8. HeroClix (DC/Marvel)
    7. Dice Masters (DC/Marvel)
    6. Kemet
    5. Wings of War/Glory and X-wing 1.0
    4. The Duke
    3.BattleLore 2.0
    2. Rebellion
    1. War of the Ring

    Thanks for the video!

  9. Love your videos as they always highlight hidden gems I’ve never heard of, in addition to some classics. Every time you post it’s an auto click.

  10. Being sat there for 2 hours watching a movie with Tom Hanks on a bus must suck big time

  11. Good list thanks Cody. My son is 12 now and 2 player games are exactly what we need right now especially with the COVID situation cramping larger groups.

  12. This should be titled "Cody's top 10 WARGAMES for 2 players".

  13. No particular order:
    Battle Line
    Battle Cry
    Tally Ho!
    Torpedo Run
    Battle Masters

  14. If you want a 2 player game that doesn't have a map? Try Vampire Empire or Smash Up.

  15. Fields of Despair is great but when i get to the end of the rulebook i ve already forgotten the beginning…. But great game.

  16. Rebellion was one of my absolute favorite computer games as a kid and I was ecstatic at how well it translated into a board game. Check out the video game sometime if you can. It’s great too.

  17. Hey Cody, I just finished Greyhound yesterday 🙂 Good movie. As for my top 5 in no particular order:
    Dice Throne
    WWE Superstar Showdown

  18. Number 3 looks fascinating. I haven't heard of that one.

  19. What is this sound in the background??? Massively annoying!!!
    Top ten as usual fantastic! Great work! Bit suprised not seeing TS on number one…

  20. When this topic comes up, I always put chess as my top game and Magic: the gathering as my number 2. I usually don’t get comments disputing the quality of the games, but I do often get at least one response which says games like that don’t really belong on such a list. I can sort of see the point about chess, as it is essentially free and has long ago become part of the wider culture, but a lot people just seem to not include Magic in popular board game culture. They seem to include it more in the category of chess, poker, or go which I find interesting.

  21. Should have been titled: TDG: Cody's Favorite Two-Player War Games

  22. Still happy to see my #1 at your #5 (CCNapoleonics). Do you know that they are up to their 7th extension (so 8th box) soon? The game is so better now! Mostly because of the new decks and map sizes. I hope you will make a video on them soon. Happy also to see my #3 overall to be at your #1 position (SWRebellion)! – GG >

  23. I love the games that you have in your top 3, but i'd put twilight struggle at #1 and star wars rebellion at #2. I feel, although both are great games, Twilight Struggle edges Rebellion in the repeatability factor and has less luck.
    (I haven't played the expansion for Rebellion.)

  24. Nice reviews! I'd love to hear something even more focused – fave 2 player games that play in 60 minutes!

  25. Regarding C&C Napoleonics being on your list, a lot of posts in the C&C Tricorne forum on BGG suggest that many players who felt like you about Napoleonics are warming up to Tricorne, even claiming that Tricorne is the better C&C game (all subjective, of course). So I guess what I'm saying is that if you haven't tried Tricorne yet, then you ought to. And then if you do, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be interested in your comparative comments.

    Also, given some of the titles on your list, I highly suggest that for a great two player game, you try "Supply Lines of the American Revolution". It's a 2-game series (Northern and Southern theaters). I would suggest trying the Northern Theater game first.

  26. Great list. If you’ve never checked out Sekigahara by GMT, you should.

  27. I really like your channel, always hear of new games and I get to hear different views. But to be honest, I usually just click because of your humor.

  28. I am at work for the moment and I can t see your video yet. Did you ever palyed Earth Reborn?

  29. Is that a rattle snake holding the camera ?

  30. As someone relatively new to the hobby, I appreciate a rundown of potential titles to play in the future.

  31. Fields of Despair really want to play this. Going to have to re-watch your review. Freeman's Farm, Undaunted & Rebellion really want play these as well. Rebellion wanted to buy this but can't play solo. Napoleon I bought it from Avalon Hill, it came in a Columbia box with Columbia rules. I did buy new blocks, stickers & rules to add the terrain and upgrade. Just haven't got around to playing it. American Civil War you sparked my interest going to have to pull this out. I have listening to ACW podcast with Richard Youngdahl highly recommend. Just finished 1862. C&C Nap my Fav of what's on you list that I own and played. Good list BTW. You should get at least 1 of the expansions. Austrians add Mass Battalions which allows the Austrians when in a square not to loose a card. Russians have points that are traded to add troops to troops on the board by a random pre-setup die roll. Prussians have a counter to avoid a retreat and Spain has Guerilla counters which allows the Spanish to place a counter

    and nullify a French card played. Check out MarcoOmnigamer for his videos on the countries its a good overview and may help you decide on an expansion. I like Russia & Austria for the Battles they recreate. They are all good BTW. I have Napoleonic Grande size battles all but Napoleonic Grande size battles as you need 2 base and 2 of every country you plan to play. As I play mostly solo its not worth the expense. They suggest play with others who have the game but can you see the sorting at the end of the game. No thanks plus the stickering . The other expansions General, Marhsal's & Tacticians and Epic I have them though and have not played yet. There is just so much. BTW my 1 is Advanced Squad leader.

  32. why do you need the expansion for star wars Rebellion?
    thinking abou buying it but we dont have the expansion localized i think

  33. Great list! My #1 game and my #1 2-player game…Memoir '44!

  34. What about battle lore second edition letting you customize your army before a scenario always adds replay ability. Still interesting list to see here

  35. Cody, how long does a game of Star Wars Rebellion run for you? Our first game went on for over 4 hours!

  36. I am confused … In another video you said your second best all time best ww 2 game is "Tide of Iron" and now you are saying your andaunted is your number 3 best 2 player game … You can pls exsplain this ? Tx

  37. Great list. Strongly recommend CCN Epic. Almost half of the Epic Scenarios can be played with the Base game and are AWESOME. Epic is a much different experience and closer to what I have read about in the history books! Happy New Year.

  38. Just saw your comment about C.S.Forester. Great author and the Hornblower series is best ever…A&E series was a faithful adaptation and excellent.

  39. Expecting TS on number 1! Blew me away when u said second and got me excited to discover 1 🙂 When you said Rebellion I could only think “oh yeah!”

    Good vid Cody, thank you!

  40. PS: I agree with you that SWR is the #1 two players game for the moment! Incredible game NEVER the same each time!

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