TDG: Cody's Top Ten Two Player Games (February 2024) -

TDG: Cody’s Top Ten Two Player Games (February 2024)

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Join Cody as he considers his top ten two player games of all time.

Cody Carlson, PhD:



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  1. "When do ya need me and what do I wear?" LOL!!!! Hey thanks for this review. I am not a fan of the new Start Wars stuff but your review of "Star Wars Rebellion," has me on the edge. If I get it it'll be my first SW game – so thanks for that. As a life long ST fan "Star Trek Fleet Captains," sounds awesome. As a single dad of a daughter I am most intrigued with "Votes for Women." Basically dude, you just added 7 games to my budget. What, you're not following inflation?. Anyway, thanks so much for these awesome reviews!! They are really helpful to help wade through the universe of games out there.

  2. Thanks Cody. You said enough for me to now go buy two of the games reviewed.

  3. That is a list of ten great games. Great work, Cody!

  4. My honest opinion is that #1 should be Star Wars Rebellion/War of the Ring. Yes, the games play differently, but the FEELING of both games is so similar (and awesome) that I mentally group them together.

  5. Too many space games for me… but that’s just my taste. Thank you as always.

  6. Wish I could say it's a good list. But I never played any of these games, so I have no idea.

    I've been wanting to play Star Rebellion for a while, but nobody i know has it, and it's a lot of $$$.

    But you should have put memior 44 on this list.

  7. I ran a 6 player game of Space Empires a while back at a con with 2 maps.

  8. You might be the only person in history to describe Verdun as "really a lot of fun"! 😉

  9. Awesome list. Thanks for the list of some great games. Some of my favorite two player games are, in no order, War of the Ring, Paths of Glory, US Civil War, Star Wars Rebellion, Hannibal & Hamilcar (Ares version with 1st and 2nd Punic Wars), and 878 Vikings.

  10. Just admit that you're in a conspiracy with GMT to steal all of my money.

  11. Still have to give Space empires a try. I seen Talon in the thumbnail, how far was it from making the list? Twilight Struggle is solid.

  12. Thx! I like discovering new games.
    This is my list (in order of preference and I have only nine games for two players):

    Twilight Struggle
    Sky Team
    Sleeping Gods
    Memoir '44
    7Wonders Duel
    Undaunted N.A.

  13. Great list.
    I miss the good ol Battlelore 2.
    Naturally it is your falt that I bought it =P

    Rebellion is on my wish list for a long time. But it's a bit too long and complex to play with my wife.
    We would rather play Forbidden Stars with others.

  14. Great list. Spacer Empires 4X has been on my list to play since I got into board games 4 years ago. Love Twilight Struggle and I think it is one of those everyone should try at least once but I do prefer to play digital version (on big screen with board set out in front of me for the feel). I love C&C games too. I will be defo be checking out Struggle for Europe and An Attrition of Souls.

    For me, I have found lately I have been drawn to smaller 2 players games like Onitama (my chess killer), Whitehall Mysteries, The Hunt, Cairn.. these I would play multiple times.
    Also Targi, Watergate (I love love this one), Paladins of the West Kingdom, DC Deck Builder, C&C Ancients and of course Twilight Struggle as mentioned.

    I also last night played Scythe 2 player and it was so relaxing… very surprised.

  15. Fantastic list. I like a lot the veteran Heroscape, 2 armies of painted miniatures from times( vikings, wwIi, Robots…) fighting , modular plastic boardgame in 3D, a lot of dices…

  16. You ever consider putting a war game in one of these lists?

  17. Thank you Cody for the upload and this fantastic list!
    But must admit I’m little disappointed 😉, that you haven’t placed “Napoleon the Waterloo campaign, 1815” neither “Company of Heroes” on the list.
    The first one is your best block game ever and second best Napoleonic game, the latter was your best game of the year in 2021 and second best WWII game ever (til 2021 at least)
    Cheers 😊

  18. Dont want this shit show, the creator loves bigotry and is subsribed memeology.

    The ironic naming of the channel is a coididnece im sure if fitting

  19. War of the Ring with all the expansions is a better experience than Rebellion (more decisions every step and harder decisions every step) and… how can I put it so you believe me. It is not a reskin, it is a completly different game, no rules in common. It will be your number one, please play it !

  20. Julius Caesar would be a top ten for me. Easy setup and takedown is a nice bonus on top of the great gameplay. Plus if you are a fan of Roman history this one is a no brainer.

  21. Cody, you should really try the Europe in Turmoil games. I think you would really enjoy the subject matter coupled with the Twilight Struggle-like gameplay…especially the second one. Both are excellent two player games.

  22. Nice to see Space Empires on here, I also prefer it at 2 players. I agree with your comments on the combat and "4 player" modes for Rebellion and I have to echo what other people have said and strongly recommend War of the Ring. It's my personal favorite 2 player game, very different rules-wise but gives that same feeling Rebellion does just for Lord of the Rings instead of Star Wars. The subpar rulebook is a challenge to get through though so if possible try to find someone to teach it to you.

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