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Take The Tower Is A Two Player Strategy Game You Should Check Out! #boardgame #couple

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  1. He could have won before that play as well

  2. For his 5th turn he could of placed a marble on the second to top row and turned the top one to win earlier

  3. I swear every time I've seen this couple they be playing some weird ass game

  4. I never knew this world had so many dang variations on connect four 😭

  5. You coulda won earlier in the game. The part where you had 2 blue on the bottom, you could’ve just put a blue on top, and spun the 2nd row.

  6. I thought the game was not to let the levels fall 😩

  7. How do you not stab her every hour why is this In my shorts

  8. Could've put it on the closest top left corner and spin the second to top to win a few turns earlier if my understanding of the game is correct

  9. By the time u guys decide who is making dinner we finish making dinner already

  10. Is the male always starting first? No wonder he often wins.

  11. He could have won in one less move by placing in top left and turning second from top.

  12. That was cool, but he could have won 1 turn earlier

  13. They have the strangest and most interesting versions of connect four

  14. Honey I’m hungry

    What game do you want to play

  15. Habibi, there is better way to take tower… 😂 JOKING!

  16. I did not know that was a game of tic-tac-toe🎉

  17. When's 5D Connect 4 with Multiverse Time Travel coming out

  18. I'm pretty sure this is technically literally 4D Connect Four

  19. am i dumb or couldn't she have won right after she said "oh I'm worried" by putting her marble on the second highest row and turning the top row back?

  20. This looks like smth they'd play in star trek tbh

  21. I didn’t think connect 4 could get so challenging.

  22. Bro…what is this 4D 4 in a Row game…..?

    My mind cant handle it.

  23. Bro, i love this games, but i live in Brazil, and we dont have nothing like that haha

  24. She has to win everything or she just gets mad.

  25. Thank you for letting me be able to find out the goals to these games cause half the time I don't know until the end

  26. Un puissance 4 en 3D je veux le tester

  27. Damn…people just keep upgrading games
    That one just got a 3rd dimension…

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