Super Mario Odyssey - 2 Player Co-Op - #01 -

Super Mario Odyssey – 2 Player Co-Op – #01

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Super Mario Odyssey – 2 Player Co-Op – #01

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  1. 我們會見記者!你好帥啊!我們會繼續努力喔!我們是不是該安靜一點!但還是希望大家能夠多多支持喔!

  2. Weuuuuu,kk hughbjym6jv6huiugujygcgdgdgcgdbdgccdtdyryeyyryr3thhhbbbbbbbvgt bb

  3. You're SO BAD at making vids. You need to stop making easily detectable click bait thumbnails. Like how does this have so many likes.

  4. Bruh he just lied to us in the picture I thought it was a mod then it's just normal. Disappointing.

  5. Arthur Miguel Costa fiuza Victor Costa fiuza
    Galaxy mais

  6. You just stole views from modders you stole our time of work and you fraud the rule of internet because you credit nobody hopefully it will change.

    Sincerely L-Dev cofoundator of Super Mario Superstar, foundator of the another world team and foundtor of Super Mario Another World.

  7. Quien mas fue troleado pensando que luigi y Mario jugaban en la misma pantalla? Like si lo fuiste

  8. Forgot about this guy, nice to watch him again

  9. Can I play two players on a Lite? Or if the second player had a Lite as well (2 Lites) would it work?

  10. U cant fool us, the thumbnail is fake Luigi isn’t playable only Mario and Cappy idiot

  11. khjdxehjndxjnhdxhjhbvcnhfgvgngjrvntjnfdlgujybv

  12. Why is the most liked comment 7 when this supposedly has 37 million views??? What is going on…

  13. It’s kinda stupid how they made the second player a hat instead of luigi

  14. Is the rom hack available for download or is it just a private thing cuz I would like to play it

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