Super Mario Bros (1985) NES - 2 Players, Amazing co-op with 99 lives tricks! [4K UHD] -

Super Mario Bros (1985) NES – 2 Players, Amazing co-op with 99 lives tricks! [4K UHD]

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This is one of the most interesting Super Mario Bros. where you can play Mario and Luigi in co-op mode.

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0:00 – Intro
0:24 – World 1
3:14 – World 2
6:33 – World 3
9:28 – World 4
12:25 – World 5
15:19 – World 6
18:14 – World 7
21:33 – World 8

Corpse Grinder & Ti
Creators of TAS

Recorded, coded and published by:
Gameplay Uploaded

** Disclaimer **
This is a co-op mod of Super Mario Bros.

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  1. Oui c'est très bien de faire cette vidéo

  2. マリオとルイジーが、一緒に闘っています。

  3. Tum dono ne toh Yaar udam macha diya😎👌👌

  4. The Mario Bros. plays good. Both of them are fast.

  5. What if Mario and Luigi go to warp zone in World 1-2 and pick different pipes?

  6. como cojiste el poco de vidas con el cupa rojo😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  7. If you want to play game on mobile with out advertisement turn off your internet connection.

  8. Most interesting video i have never seen before ..👌👌👌

  9. How can u play with two players? Im using PS1 but i can not choose the 2 players option😅 is there a code or something i need to do?? Thanks 💙

  10. Where do you find the modded version of the game at?

  11. If this is real, then its the best tag team ever.

  12. And the market asks for a game like this. Nice play!

  13. Me and my lil brother: Dad, can we have a new toy?
    Dad: I'll buy it for you if you guys do a nice teamwork
    Also me and my lil brother: 2:59, 7:51

  14. I Wish this was a real thing. Also if i download the mod, can i play right After doing It?

  15. Maybe Fire Mario wearing Fire Luigi, and Luigi wears Mario.

  16. The brothers Mario's Bros super game and 2 players

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