Star Wars Rebellion Review: One of the Best Two Player Games Out There - By Board Of It -

Star Wars Rebellion Review: One of the Best Two Player Games Out There – By Board Of It

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Board Of It reviews Star Wars Rebellion, an asymmetric two to four player epic space board game based on the original trilogy of Star Wars, where you’ll play as either the mighty empire or the struggling rebellion. Watch to see an overview of the game, plus what we like and dislike about this dynamic board game.

0:00 – Intro
2:05 – Gameplay Overview
5:42 – What We Loved
6:55 – The Combat
9:09 – Constant Thrills!
10:44 – The Star Wars in Star Wars Rebellion
11:52 – The Price
12:29 – Final Thoughts

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  1. Totally agree with your take on this awesome game! I will say that the 4 times I've played it (3 times at 2-players and 1 time where I played the Rebellion and I had 2 friends play as a team using the 4-player rules for their roles playing the Empire) that the game, like most games I guess, can drag a little long if one or more players get AP while picking their missions to attempt. I have a buddy who loves this game, but we played it 2-player once and it took about 4 hours to get through, largely because he is prone to AP. But otherwise, Iove this game! Great review guys!

  2. You should check out Forgotten Stars, if you can get your hands on a copy. If you liked Rebellion seems like something else you'd enjoy. Great job!

  3. Each video you publish is better than the last! The CGI light sabers we're great 🙂
    Rebellion sounds great, especially hearing that Star Wars fans and non-fans can both have fun. As always the extra info on the cost and value of the game is helpful info. Thanks!

  4. You guys and your edits lol So good. I see Mariposas… are you going to cover that? Hint.. cover that please. Great point re gameplay / price.

  5. How about a war of the ring review? If you like this Wouldn’t that be down your alley too?

  6. Great review, thanks! I just want to add that those silly tactic cards are removed entirely with the expansion, and the "Cinematic Cards" added make it far more thematic and quicker (aside from the time it takes to chose a card). The expansion also adds Green Dice, which are more random but allow players to add more dice to their rolls when maxed out (most often Imperials of course). Having played for years without the expansion, and just having finished a week-long marathon with the expansion, I would say it's an incredibly nice addition all-around – and I'm tempted to side with the majority and call it essential.

    The only point I disagree with in this video is the time it takes to play, at least for me – specifically in the assignment phase and the build phase, and sometimes combat can go on for a long time. Because of this, our games tend to stretch longer than we feel comfortable with, so we tend to split up our games into 2 evenings. We enjoy this however, as it gives us time to plot and strategize while our opponent is away.

    Also, GET THE APPS! There is one which does the build queue for you after you update each region on the map to show loyalty/subjugation. There is another one which keeps track of all the probe cards you've found on the map. We have Rebels do the build queue, and Imperials do the probe obviously. I cringe when thinking of us playing without these apps.. haha

    I agree fully that this is one of the best 2 player games ever made, as long as the players are invested into a long, medium-heavy dice rolling fest.

    Cheers 🙂

  7. I would love to hear your thoughts on Outer Rim, a game my wife and i recently discovered and enjoy. A few comments i could make, but if you haven't played it yet, I'd rather not ruin it for you. (And don't you trolls out there ruin it either! 😏)

  8. Princess Megan seems pissed to be wearing such a cloak, while emperor sven really embodies his character. So awesome you guys include and love your dogs so much. They are certainly part of your gaming family. Ours sits at our feet for great warmth while playing, and also intuitively knows when one of us is losing the game and offers emotional support 😆🤣😂

  9. Yeah, not integrating the small expansion for SW Rebellion is a disappointment, it really changes several things enough to make the game very different, and I think improves an already excellent game.

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