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Spin War – 2 Player Games

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Spin War!



  1. Thanks you I dont comprendet the videogame before you

  2. i played this with my brother yesterday,
    very fun

  3. Você foi um péssimo professor d einsinar como jogar foda-se

  4. B •I •N •O •D

    p.s. Not real Binod

  5. Opponent is stronger than you. Its unfair, 1/5

  6. Why is your opponent SO MUCH STRONGER?! XD

  7. This is pretty hard against the computer
    But I did beat the computer I'm pretty sure

  8. the new update is trash why does it glide so much, i like the new difficulty and all but still very annoying why IT GLIDE

  9. ראיתי את הסרטון שלך ואני יודע איך לצרף את זה

  10. I’m jp I gotta gavel was a really really fun night I got a

  11. I can beat the AI with 4:0 at med but at hard it's impossible to win.
    Edit – with practice I'm now able to win in hard mode as well.

  12. The gear of the machine is ridiculously heavy, I pushed it 4 or 5 times and it still doesn't move, but it only needs to push me once and I'm off the table.

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