So the #1 ranked Battlefront 2 player challenged me to a 1v1... -

So the #1 ranked Battlefront 2 player challenged me to a 1v1…

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I got challenged to a 1v1 by the #1 ranked Star Wars Battlefront 2 player…

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  1. is it possible to do 1v1 matches like this on xbox? like where you invite somebody specific to 1v1 you?

  2. Bro please keep it up, theres a lot of potential here, youre at 60K subs and putting out content of a 10 Mill youtuber, im gonna be watching your career with great interest.

  3. Imagine fighting your own duel when you could be watching two titans battle it out.
    You came so close to beating him and you deserve respect for that.

  4. Bruh your both bad no cap, are all PlayStation players bad?

  5. iiCommunism and SpyroRen anyone on ps4 hero showdown knows those two names. I beat Celeste and vorpal both in showdown. I actually like Celeste tho we have mutual respect. I need to 1v1 aysoka on ps4 bro add iiCommunism

  6. The absolute Chads battling against each other…

  7. Wish me luck, I’m 1v1’ing CelestQB soon

  8. If you are the best at something, don't even think for a moment no one will ever beat you. Mastering something doesn't mean you have nothing left to learn.

  9. The fact that you were able to play at that level at all, let alone actually put up a challenge shows just how much better you became. Keep at it to evolve your style even more. Getting there was hard. No doubt. But if ya wanna go there, you gonna have to dedicate the time. The time it takes to get to that level in ANY game is both hardcore and intentional. No one accidentally gets that good. So, Congrats on getting there. Seriously.

  10. No hate or anything, but this game can't and won't ever be actually competitive… try to change my mind

  11. Battlefront 2 is for people who sucked in Battlefront 2015

  12. I would find it kinda funny if Celestine messaged Aysoka after the fight and said:

    “Like, dude, NICE. You actually made me use, like, 0.5% of my POWER.”

  13. This was a pretty fantastic video. It’s edited well, high stakes, and very fun. See you in a month, Aysoka.

  14. Yo I’m just sayinn, that ps controller is in an abusive relationship

  15. What if Zanny and you both dueled just to absolutely bully him lol

  16. When I had my account long ago before I deleted it , Max players are nothing more than Toys where I come from.

    One time before the fall of my account
    I was han solo

    the other team was trying to get me.

    Max players, how hard they try and when I threw the bomb in the sky many where saying ( the basic slurs) but got them in one hit after that I told my team a plan called " lead them in"

    So I was placing a bomb as Solo from the leged, and after they lead them to us I blew them up and my team slain them.

    I was happy that a team follow.

    Heck it took me, 3 weeks to make jedi, sith, troopers ,no ships Max cards easy

    A team was losing in "capture the command post," and I made a team of full red losers to win victory that players legitimately said

    " Somebody kill the f** "
    "Ignore the weak get that player"
    " Don't let them win"

    After that ,my team got so much hope they started to follow

    After that battle and victory

    Many send me hate message I was shock

    I was thinking is this game Even worth the battle?

  17. If you want to Max your players never do online

    Do online 4 players

  18. Also as Darth maul, I see many using him bad, very bad but when I use him it's about patient

    Love your videos mate keep up the great work

  19. How can you leave it like that

  20. That was EPIC!! But…"You are beaten. It is useless to resist!"

  21. Comon man don't let him slap you with widelow ren

  22. Wait. Where can I see myself on ranking? I'm pretty good

  23. Jesus boys you move like greased lightning that snorted a line of NoS

  24. Man I really appreciate you using MW2 music in this video……so nostalgic


  26. I was hoping you would win! Great video dude!

  27. That was one of the most intense things I’ve ever watched, considering I know almost nothing about this game

  28. What proof is that this dude is best in the game

  29. I loved that into music. Haha. LoL. I see we have a Stranger Things fan amongst us.

  30. he lost the first 2 rounds because the first round was anakin vs dooku, and anakin kills dooku in the ROTS. second round it was obi wan vs maul, and obi wan kills maul in rebels. then the next round, hes vader and celset is rey, and vader would absolutely destroy rey if they fought, and for the last fight, dooku has beaten obi wan in combat twice, so… smh… pick your characters smarter..

  31. Didn't u lose ur Account once already to this guy? Lol

  32. Same energy as Lime and Pig Minecraft tournaments those were insane! Mad March though, you still would’ve won if it was 2D fighters rules

  33. Bro no cap xbox battlefront2 player so much better on god

  34. Hey aysoka, love your content but do you have a discord or Twitter?

  35. What's the song he plays in the obi wan vs kylo fight on endor? Its been stuck in my head and I cant find it someone pls help lol

  36. Bro, if you ever get the chance, I need training BAD. I'm probably the worst hero player in this game. I can't figure out any light saber duel at all. Always lose.

  37. I beat celest in a random game 💀💀💀 with my friend

  38. Message me on my CelestineQB Psn account NOT CELESTQB if you want the smoke 😈

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