So the #1 ranked Battlefront 2 player challenged me to a 1v1... -

So the #1 ranked Battlefront 2 player challenged me to a 1v1…

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I got challenged to a 1v1 by the #1 ranked Star Wars Battlefront 2 player…

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  1. Message me on my CelestineQB Psn account NOT CELESTQB if you want the smoke 😈

  2. I beat celest in a random game 💀💀💀 with my friend

  3. Bro, if you ever get the chance, I need training BAD. I'm probably the worst hero player in this game. I can't figure out any light saber duel at all. Always lose.

  4. What's the song he plays in the obi wan vs kylo fight on endor? Its been stuck in my head and I cant find it someone pls help lol

  5. Hey aysoka, love your content but do you have a discord or Twitter?

  6. Bro no cap xbox battlefront2 player so much better on god

  7. Same energy as Lime and Pig Minecraft tournaments those were insane! Mad March though, you still would’ve won if it was 2D fighters rules

  8. Didn't u lose ur Account once already to this guy? Lol

  9. he lost the first 2 rounds because the first round was anakin vs dooku, and anakin kills dooku in the ROTS. second round it was obi wan vs maul, and obi wan kills maul in rebels. then the next round, hes vader and celset is rey, and vader would absolutely destroy rey if they fought, and for the last fight, dooku has beaten obi wan in combat twice, so… smh… pick your characters smarter..

  10. I loved that into music. Haha. LoL. I see we have a Stranger Things fan amongst us.

  11. What proof is that this dude is best in the game

  12. That was one of the most intense things I’ve ever watched, considering I know almost nothing about this game

  13. I was hoping you would win! Great video dude!


  15. Man I really appreciate you using MW2 music in this video……so nostalgic

  16. Jesus boys you move like greased lightning that snorted a line of NoS

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