RIP Adobe Flash - Here's How You Can Still Play Flash Games -

RIP Adobe Flash – Here’s How You Can Still Play Flash Games

Michael MJD
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Today marks the end of support for Adobe Flash. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to play all those old Flash games anymore. Today’s video covers Flashpoint. A project dedicated to preserving old Flash games and animations for years to come. Let’s check it out!

How it works:

Computer Clan’s Retrospective:

*I stated in the video that there is currently only a Windows version of Flashpoint. However there are macOS and Linux versions of the program, but they are very experimental. Flashpoint’s developers themselves recommend using a Windows VM to get the best possible experience.

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  1. when i open it it say ajava script error in the main process what shouid i do pleas

  2. Flash isn’t unusable, they just aren’t updating or fixing it anymore

  3. Gotta love them IOSYS music videos that can be rendered at any resolution because they’re flash animations

  4. i downloaded it and i had a trojan i had to change all my passwords watch out!

  5. When i click a game it only goes to solid green?

  6. Ahh i remember playing on an old computer madness combat orion sandbox papas pizzaria and other papas games and other
    Best childhood i ever had

  7. My biggest gripe wasn't that flash got disabled, but rather how companies jumped overnight from completely functional Supernova SWF Enabler to wonky , work-in-progress Ruffle .

  8. Dude, you can't imagine how much you've helped me, now I can play everything. Papa Louie games ❤

  9. This reminds me of those "100-1000 games" pirate CDs from 00s, which usually included a bunch of 1990s games (a lot of the games on them weren't working tho).

  10. Thank you for the video. now I get to relive my childhood.

  11. How can i play in my mobile phone ? Anyone plz

  12. When i click update flashpoint archive, i get, "Metadata update requires a newer Launcher version, but the software update is not currently available."


  13. מֶלֶך הָעוֹלָם: Back For Blood says:

    Take note of the fact that they have switched the orientation in which the two appear on their website, meaning Ultimate (now 1.48TB) is now on the right.

  14. מֶלֶך הָעוֹלָם: Back For Blood says:

    The Monopoly game I've been looking for forever since it disappeared from all websites where it was a few years ago, which I looked for as a paid product to no avail, was the first one to come up in the search results! Thank you very much!

  15. 2 years has pass since this video were it shows that the platform have around 532Gb of games and so years pass now in 2023 we have around 1.76Tb of games
    Stupidly amazing how only in two years we manage to create 1.76Tb of games crazy

  16. To whoever suggested FlashMuseum – THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU LEGEND

  17. I’m not sure which YouTube Tutorial did it, but I got a Trojan and self-injecting malware from some copy of Flashpoint Unity. Be careful out there. It didn’t install anything until midnight a couple days after it was installed. NWJS Community is what you need to look for in startup programs and go from there.

  18. It says "Windows protected your pc." I really want to use this program but im concerned about safety. What should i do?

  19. It currently has 1.76TB of total flash games, that's a 1TB or above worth of childhood memories..

  20. This tutorial suck
    My boy Is Calling the program flashpoint When In Reality It Is Nostalgia-point 😢 im crying
    Thank You This Tutorial is Amazing

  21. its been three years since the tragic murder of adobe flash
    i used to play flash games and watched them on newgrounds, friv, orisinal, y8, and homestar runner
    it had been my entire childhood for years and i wanted to be an animator because of these stuff
    until 2017 they announced that they will kill flash and i was shocked
    im still sad and angry about it
    adobe employees shouldve fixed the security issues and other flaws in flash instead of killing it
    its like a big middle finger to adobe flash enjoyers
    adobe just how lazy are your employees seriously wtf

  22. Some Flash games like those created by Game Tornado are now preserved as mobile games.

  23. Total eclipse of my heart💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦

  24. I remember hearing that flash will be stopped last day i hopped on henry stickmin and beatinbit before flash died 0:00 hits and boom rip flash on the next day how sad i was about my childhood getting deleted then i heard there was archive project like ruffle and bluemaximas flashpoint i downloaded flashpoint and i could experience the flash era again thank you flashpoint!

  25. boutta blaze through the papa's games once more

  26. Adult Swim also had the best flash games on their website 😔😔

  27. Wish to see a video on Adobe Flash Lite and to a lesser extent the short-lived Android and Blackberry Playbook versions of Adobe Flash on this channel.

  28. French affair's website is one of the last to use adobe flash.
    edit:it has been replaced with another one. This is just a repost of my old comment.

  29. You can actually play the impossible quiz on poki

  30. Thanks! This helped me a lot! I was trying to play some old, unknown flash games that I coudn't even run in a very old browser. Seems like they're deleted or so. But Flashpoint has them included! I can't believe it but they run flawlessly! This is amazing, I thought they were dead. I will definately keep this software. This + RetroArch + Epic Games… there is nothing else that I need for Gaming anymore.

  31. So let's say I have a Flash game that has malware. Flashpoint itself is secure, but does that mean it is okay to launch the game via Flashpoint? I don't understand this virus stuff, that is why I am asking maybe it is obvious.

  32. Nostalgia checking in. Hi I'm feeling nostalgic watching this. 2010 is my nostalgia moment.

  33. Deleting Flash without an easier and official solution to access the inaccessible content was just dumb.

  34. im gonna trust you and download this to experience the nostalgia but ima be pissed if this bricks my laptop

  35. ya do know basilisk also lets you play flash games aswell, right? and its not really all too difficult, all you need is a flash player version that doesn't have the timebomb (which you can handle with using a flash diffuser), and the browser itself, and then you can play flash games online with no fear and no need for ruffle or whatnot.

  36. Holy shit its now over a terabyte to download everything

  37. ty so much for this, i wanted to play flash games for so long and finally play papa's games

  38. I was really good at programming in flash it was so intuative I totally loved it it was a beatiful peace of programming

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