PS3 Split Screen Games || PlayStation 3 Best 2 Player local offline Co-op Couch Games -

PS3 Split Screen Games || PlayStation 3 Best 2 Player local offline Co-op Couch Games

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PS3 Split Screen games | PlayStation 3 Best 2 Player local offline Co-op Couch Games

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PS3 GAMES Playlist:

Resident Evil 5

LittleBigPlanet Karting

Resident Evil 6

Kane & Lynch 2

Army of Two Devil’s Cartel

Resident Evil Revelations 2

Split Second, Blur

Lost Planet 2

Army of Two The 40th Day

Resistance 3

kane & Lynch 1

Killzon 3

Borderlands 2

Terminator Salvation

Lord of the Rings War in the North

The Cursed Crusade

Dynasty Worriers 8

Rainbow Six Vegas 2


Star Trek

Aliens Colonial Marines

Army of Two

Portal 2

Earth Defense Force 2025



Dirt 3

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3


The Simpsons Game

F1 2011

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies

Family Guy Back to the Multiverse

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Gran Turismo 6

ModNation Racers

Resistance Fall of Man

Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes

Uncharted 3

Grid Autosport


MotoGP 15

Far Cry 3

Unreal Tournament 3

Watchmen The End Is Nigh


Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Dynasty Worriers 7

Lego Marvel’s Avengers

Watchmen The End Is Nigh 2

MotoGP 14

Wipeout HD

MX vs ATV Supercross

Lego Jurassic World

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  1. Thanks for the list mate. I am a PC gamer, and I started to play in consoles, I started with a PS3 I bought a few weeks ago and man, it is amazing. Thanks for sharing this list.

  2. And resident evil revelations 1 ????

  3. I have some of the games in my ps3 and i didn’t even know that they were multiplayer games. Thanks a lot mete

  4. Tom Clancy splinter cell conviction is not on PS3, but it's Tom Clancy splinter cell blacklist is on PS3 and also can play split screen

  5. Terminator salvation
    Far cry 3
    Splinter cell conviction

  6. Just like to add these two classics to the local couch 🛋 co op

    Motorstorm: Pacific Rift
    Call Of Duty: World At War

  7. Splinter cell conviction isn’t on Ps3, Blacklist is, but not conviction. great list though

  8. Brother ps3 mein online game abhi khel skte ha ke nhi please video bna ke daalo please make a video ps3 online games 2022

  9. I'm looking for PS3 co-op games so that I can enjoy it with my son and daughter they are currently hooked into gaming eversince covid brokeout. Thank you so much for this list. 🙂

  10. 10:38 nostalgia i always played this on my ps3 my cousin rage quitted because she

  11. All these days Playing rage.
    I didn't know you can actually play split screen😱.

    Though its such a shame. Just yesterday one of my controller(a second hand i bought) Was broken. I tried fixing it and It still wont work. For now i have 1 controller :((.
    Damn, i could've Played with my friends…

  12. Todos son juegos donde usa una especie de bug no split screem

  13. It's useful but I wish storage was mentioned

  14. There's also Motorstorm Pacific and Motorstorm Apocalypse

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