Pizza memory - 2 Player Games -

Pizza memory – 2 Player Games

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New game! Pizza memory!



  1. It's a good idea 😉👍
    Continued like this

  2. This game is doing so well, I remember when there were barely any games

  3. YOUR GAMES ARE SO GOOD !!!i installed all of your games

  4. Are you going to add global multiplayer ?

  5. Please make ludo, this game is nice but ludo is better

    Aapse Ludo Add Karte Nhi banta kya ⁉⁉😠😤😡

  6. I have this game very fun game please can you add wrestling please so this is my idea waiting for your next mini game

  7. Make a mode where you do not play against each other, but play and help 2 players, or vice versa.

  8. Hi Jindoblu I have all of your games I'm an husky

  9. Love this app. You should add a game mode where people have to change the tyres on a race car as quick as possible. Pitstop challenge!

  10. Jindoblu will you make more quiet pack codes in the future?

  11. This game is super. You just read my mind.

  12. Add global multiplayer please!!

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