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Piranha Rush – 2 Player Games

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New game! Piranha Rush!



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  2. I love this game 😍 plz add more games ❤

  3. Ideas:
    Connect 4
    Something to do with a maze

  4. I wanted a carrom game since 5 months

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  7. Good game but it's technically impossible to win in normal mode. I played around 20 games but I lost every single time. You should make it easier or add an alert for the corals.

  8. Add 4 player and dino agem where u have to eat to survive and if the other player gets more food than the other player he will win

  9. Why is it so impossible when the npc is on hard

  10. Linh Nguyễn - Ngọc Quỳnh Thư singer says:

    What red get a fail .

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  12. Hardly anyone here is actually talking about the minigame….. wow.

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