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Out with the New, In With the Old: 2-Player Games

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Whatever happened to the great social experience of 2-player cooperative games? Why does nobody work in teams these days? Gareth Robinson longs for a second player to grief in this video.

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  1. Hmm, I never really thought about the coop aspect of gaming. I always thought, if it wasn't basically an online-heavy game, it was essentially a single-player game. They should make an awesome coop game so we can relive our glory days.

  2. To be fair, in some games, like MMORPG, and some other games, I've gotten fairly close bonds with people. Clans and what not are pretty cool. None of the sort with COD though.

  3. we need split screen for need for speed Most wanted imagine you play with your sister or brother or girl friend in a OPEN WORLD CITY !!

  4. well i agreed but you still can play in games like the halo series…….GEARS OF WAR and Army of two 🙂

  5. If you're including online Co-Op, I can give you 3 great examples. Borderlands, Left 4 Dead 2, and Syndicate (2012). If you mean offline well, here's hoping for an HD remake of the Timesplitters games or 007 Nightfire.

  6. Oh shit wait. 007 Nightfire didn't have Co-op. I meant Everything or Nothing.

  7. I actually recently bought borderlands 1 but I haven't gotten a chance to try out coop/multiplayer unfortunately. Single-player is fun in itself so I can't even imagine how awesome coop is.

  8. Halo is one of the good two player games that is new, but in 2 player mode you fight each other,dum!So 4 player on team mode it rules! working together to kick some asss!!!

  9. Those old games were mostly arcade games played on coin operated machines, two players meant double the money. Nowadays two players on one system is half the money, that's the main reason.

  10. I guess when I say "coop", I really mean "with friends off- or online".
    I haven't been able to play borderlands coop yet but I have high hopes for it from just the single player. I honestly didn't enjoy L4D2 which is weird because I enjoyed L4D a lot. I'm not familiar with syndicate. Is it a worthy buy?
    *clinks glass*

  11. yeah cos microsoft aren't pushing local 2 player at all Cough*Gears*Cough*Halo*Cough*Fable*Cough*

    EA seem to hate local MP though…
    guess they can't charge for it like they can charge for online passes..
    seriously.off the top of my head i can't name a single EA published game with local MP. besides the sports franchises like FIFA.

  12. It's just insane at how much more fun co-op is 😛

  13. i think for me the best co-op game I played so far is Army Of Two

  14. Now A team mate is just something you cant shoot at so true

  15. NEED FOR SPEED MOST WANTED 2012 ? thats what i meant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. its called join a clan when u play cs and do skrims…derp herp

  17. I think the Party system on Xbox live removed a lot of the social element in online gaming.

  18. I still think the D&D arcade games were vastly superior to Golden Axe.

  19. You can also play Borderlands and Left 4 Dead 2 offline.

  20. How ironic is it that I can play with someone 1000 miles away but I can't play with someone sitting one foot from me on my couch?

  21. Can someone tell me wats the name of the first game they show, i used to play that one.

  22. Sonic the hedgehog is the worst co-op game, ever, of all time..

  23. I think online gaming is great. Unlike playing 2 player games with a friend on the couch, it's not dependant on my friends liking the same type of games I like, or being within travelling distance. They've also been a fun way for me to keep in touch with people who've moved too far away to see in person regularly.

  24. whats the game at 0:18??? does anyone know?? plz tell me.

  25. "tune in next time…would you kindly?"
    I see what you did there

  26. Which is why i always loved splinter cell

  27. Those old games was on sega nes or snes so free to play no coin

  28. Halo with it's 4-player split-screen is the one reason I still have an xbox 360. I love my PS3, but I always have to dust off the 360 whenever I want to have some classic LAN party action. I hope this new developer with Halo 4 doesn't axe my favorite feature of the Halo franchise: 4 player split screen LAN/online.

  29. Try playing zombies by yourself yeah how is 2 player games dead

  30. His Voice is like a ray of sunshine raining down on a lone flower

  31. They didnt mean 2 player games. They meant 2 player split-screen. With what you said sounds like call of duty so think of the spec ops. Connect another control and the screen gets small as hell. Thats the 2 player they mean

  32. Split-Screen is already confirmed for halo 4

  33. Guy has a point, i honestly don't know why games have the title "Team" in it because it's actually every man for him self lol..

  34. In my opinion LAN is much more fun with your friends at one of their houses instead of at a professional event, and counter strike can be played on pretty much any laptop in existence.

  35. The reason for people not using teamplay is because gaming went mainstream. It used to be people who were serious about gaming to the point where they understood how much more challenging and fun it is to work closley with teammates and coordinate attacks. Clans are a great example of this, and almost anyone who played games a lot were in a clan. Now hardly anyone even knows what a clan is. A ton of 7-16 year old and younger kids doesn't help much either.

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