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Out with the New, In With the Old: 2-Player Games

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Whatever happened to the great social experience of 2-player cooperative games? Why does nobody work in teams these days? Gareth Robinson longs for a second player to grief in this video.

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  1. Streets of Rage is one of my favorite co op games but just know if u punch me im punching back lol!

  2. I definitely agree with you guys. There needs to be more emphasis on co-op games that promote teamwork and strategy. Also split screen co-op sucks. The most recent game that I found super fun was Dead Nation.

  3. Well, Little Big Planet requires 2 players or more

  4. i dont see why modern warfare and such dont offer local coop. this must be because im not much of a graphics person but id not mind losing some graphical power in order to be able to play more shooters with friends on my couch because its just fun remember fun thats what we had before online multiplayer meant angry 12 year olds found their way into your living room while saying things they ware gonna do to your mom they dont even understand

  5. damn you are so right time evolvee way to fast

  6. Halo 4 will get split screen and new co-op missions every month right?
    Now that is going to be a good game

  7. this video opened my eyes! i was lost in to days top notch games like battlefield 3, i forgot to look back, thank you gamespot, for sharing something great with us.

  8. Playing Little Big Planet with my mates (in the same room) is probably the most fun ive had. Plus the Portal 2 Co-op is awesome

  9. Lmao, good ole days "When the ps3 comes out, well be able to vs each other in a DIFFRENT ROOM!"

  10. my nephew is prime example of this generation a of gamers, him and his friends never socialise in person, always online. And i can see for myself how its affecting young people's social skills, and there ability to interact in person. The good old days of 4 player goldeneye, worms 2, halo offline are long gone. sob sob lol

  11. I still play modern games in 2 player coop on a sofa. Halo ODST whole campaign, LOTR War In The North and Gears Of War 3 are just a few examples. So this video is pointless.

  12. I still play SNES from time to time, but I play it on my pc with the zsnes emulator. Classic games always bring back good memories.

  13. I also forget the main ones like Forza and Fifa so many people play around their friends

  14. splinter cell conviction has great fun co-op

  15. I've been saying this for awhile now. I miss the old days when friends would come over and we would have fun and not scream at each other like 12 year olds.

  16. As much as i hate to admit it, the only FPS games that consistently have split screen are CoD, and serious Sam. Oh and Halo, and it always makes me laugh when a racing game isn't split screen, because I pick it up in the shop, look at the back, burst out laughing and put it back where it belongs.

  17. This is now my favorite comment on youtube.

  18. There is still one game that completely requires teamplay, and it's Dota.
    Or any of it's Moba ramifications (Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends, Dota 2)

  19. Oviously this video is NOT reffering to any part of BF3.

  20. kids who will comment things like ''fuck 2 player games'' will never now how cool it was back then. Online shouldn't replace the old type of coop

  21. Socom for ps2 was the best mp for me!! Combined Assaut

  22. Portal 2, one of the best "New Entries" that incorporates 2player in the same room, on the same console.

  23. Oh I miss those days! Now multiplayer means "play-with-strangers-if-you-dare"!

    Even Burnout, Burnout(!!!!) removed the local multiplayer! What the hell?! I had the most fun playing it with friends but now they have to stare while someone else plays? Boring!

    Like this series, keep it up! 🙂

  24. I Miss my friend screaming at me when i use to die before the final battle, then he use to do all the work, and it used to be a wonderful moment when we both ended a game together, i miss those old days being given limited number of credit and 2 players share the same life. I tried to find a game like that in PS but was really dissapionted. Its all about online play these days :*(

  25. That is the truth and I'm so glad this video in particular focuses on cooperative game play and what happened to it. No one has a strategy because no one wants to think like Captain America. They believe its boring and their is no excitement. Turnouts are always better when you have a plan in effect. Everyone wants to seemingly kill each other just to get the highest ranking and never delve in coop enough. Friends don't cheer you on, they pick on you when you lose and expect you to cheer them on

  26. It's very hard for me to enjoy a game without offline splitscreen co-op. Starhawk is a new one with an offline co-op feature that's actually really fun…I enjoy it a lot!!!

  27. Only co-ops I've played of late have been Portal 2 & Killzone 3, it's shit that so many games are 1 player with multiplayer online even racing games I have 40 odd games for PS3 & only 6 or 7 are offline V.S./Co-op it's sad
    Got to go for PC lan cause it's the closest I've got really to genuine 2 player

  28. man i try to find a game and i can't…can some 1 help me?….the game was with 2 hunched guys in some kind of garbage hole….1 green and 1 blue…and i can't remember the name…can some 1 help me? thx

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