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Our Top Ten 2 Player Games | Roll For Crit

Roll For Crit
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It’s not always easy to get a whole group together for a game night – That’s where 2 player games come in! Here’s a whole array of 2 player specific tabletop games that the TWO of us really love.

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  1. One Deck Dungeon? Has a 2-player rule set. Travels easily too.

  2. And here I've been playing regular Codenames with 2 players like a fool

  3. My top 10 games for 2p
    1) Targi
    2) Five Tribes
    3) 7 wonders Duel
    4) ohinama
    5) lost cities
    6) Keyforge
    7) Jixia Academy
    8) Magic the gathering
    9) Troyes
    10) Arboretum

  4. My #1 would be Magic: The Gathering, but my favorite format is draft and that really requires at least 6. With that removed, I think it might be Arkham Horror LCG if I want to rate it by the amount of money and time spent on the game. I've played with more than 2 players and I think it's just too long and grindy at more than 2. I guess this means my 2-player tastes are much like Will's?

  5. im surprised you guys haven’t played the best 2 player games of all time (esp before making this list)

  6. Battle con was a suprise.
    No dice throne?

    Poor funkoverse always losing to unmatched.

    Man, you guys are going to make me buy far away.

    Arkham horror lcg is a legit game. I feel like 3 and 4 player are just different mode.

  7. Maybe you guys could get Targi and do a play through / first reaction of the game together? 😄

  8. For a game with customizable dice in exactly the same way, check out Dice Forge. Everyone I taught it to loves it.

  9. Nuts!!! I forgot Fox in the Forest, awesome two player trick taking game.

  10. Because list are fun.
    2. Arkham LCG
    3. Twilight Struggle
    4. Targi
    5. Star Wars Rebellion
    6. Baseball Highlights 2044
    7. Undaunted Normandy/North Africa
    8. Watergate
    9. Backgammon
    10. Jaipur

  11. Can you at least show off your fully painted Star Wars Rebellion? 😛 Shame Shame Shame! XD

  12. Jaipur is my #1. I dig Targi, Schotten Totten, Star Realms, Hive, Yinsh, Shobu, Onitama,

  13. You allow Arkham Horror LCG in the 2 player list (very questionnable), but not in the deck-building list! I'm calling shenanigans!

  14. It's never mentioned (and I haven't brought it to the table in years); but I feel classic Stratego is still one of the greatest 2 player games. Doesn't ever get any love these days. Star Wars Rebellion is AMAZING. You have to play it on both sides. I would also put Star Realms in my personal Top 10.

  15. Skulk Hollow: A fantastic asymmetric two player game with one player as the small Foxen race with a lot of little meeples and the other player as a giant guardian.

  16. The top 3 for my wife & I are Targi, 7 Wonders Duel & Jaipur ❤

  17. Both Rattlebones and Dice Forge have dice with changeable faces.

  18. There have been a few customizable dice games, Dice Forge being one of them.

  19. Dice Forge is definitely worth checking out as a game that has manipulating/replacing the faces of the dice.

  20. My Top 5 list of 2-player game:
    1. A Game of Thrones LCG 2nd Edition
    2. 7 Wonders Duel
    3. Exceed: Street Fighter
    4. Arkham Horror LCG
    5. Patchwork

  21. 1. Duelosaur Island
    2. Nagaraja
    3. Targi
    4. Fox in the Forest
    5. Raptor
    6. Onitama
    7. Patchwork
    8. Morels
    9. Codenames: Duet
    10. Circle the Wagons

    Also, those Magic jumpstart packs are the first ccg of any type I've been interested in trying. Look neat!!

  22. I think you guys needed to also include this 2 player game called: "Ashes; Rise of the Pheonixborn" -also like MTG, plays longer, and is more balanced!

  23. I think Targi may be the best 2 player game that ive ever played.

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