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Our Top 15 Favorite Games to Play Together! (Our Favorite Two-Player Games!) 💕

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Hey there! This is a video I’ve wanted to make for a long time now: our favorite two-player games! I often see requests for recommendations for games that play well at two players on Facebook and Instagram and I figured bringing Hannah on to talk about some of our favorites might be a nice way to get these games on some folks’ radars! Every single game on this list is one that we find ourselves drawn to over and over again and none of them have started to feel old in the slightest! ☺️ Thank you for checking out our video and don’t forget to let us know in the comments what some of your favorite two-player games are!

In this video:
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00:33 Number 15
02:00 Number 14
03:48 Number 13
06:31 Number 12
08:40 Number 11
10:44 Number 10
12:34 Number 9
14:40 Number 8 and 7
17:06 Number 6
19:14 Number 5
23:13 Number 4
25:40 Number 3
28:00 Number 2
30:56 Number 1
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  1. Shobu, Onitama, Unmatched, Land Air and Sea: Critters at War, Summoner Wars, Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, Land Vs. Sea, Dragon Prince: Battlecharged, Sniper Elite, and Dice Throne are all great at two players! 🙂

  2. Hi there, Dave and Hannah! What a fab video. I like seeing your collaboration and hearing both opinions on the games. We play two player games pretty often and some that we really enjoy, and think sometimes play better at two include: Race for the Galaxy, Res Arcana, Lost Ruins of Arnak, and Terraforming Mars. Hope you get some fun two player games in for Valentine’s Day!

  3. Lots of terrific games in this list! My favorite is Targi and Janell loves Ark Nova if we have enough time. Happy Valentine's Day👍

  4. Good content as always: Taverns and Gold West are ones I want to check out.

    Some overlap from the list my wife and I would make.

    In no particular order, ours would be: Wingspan, Everdell, Castles of Burgundy, Carcassonne, Cribbage, Arboretum, Morels, Patchwork, Horrified AM, Calico, Point Salad, Photosynthesis, Quacks, Qwirkle, Furnace.

  5. Good list! Never heard of Gold West before… will be checking it out right away!

    I think you'd also really enjoy 7 Wonders Duel and Caper: Europe.

  6. I love seeing you two film together!!! Makes my heart happy!

  7. Santorini, Mr. Jack, Royal Visit, Sorcerer, Raptor, Hive, and definitely on Valentine's Day: Patchwork Valentine's Edition ❤️

  8. Hi Dave and Hannah! Wonderful list! I’d love to try Wingspan Asia for the solo option and two player variant. Have you two tried it yet?
    I’m with Hannah on her comment about, “I’ve got stuff I want to do!” when playing Maracaibo. I haven’t played it but I totally relate when it comes to that statement and games. I’ve got plans! 😂 love it. That game is on my list to get at some point!
    Our list (no order) would consist of Sagrada, Everdell, Radlands, War Chest, Cascadia, Verdant, Underwater Cities, and Three Sisters/Fleet the Dice Game. Thanks for the video!

  9. Really enjoyed the video Dave. You have good restraint to only have backed 2 kickstarters. Enjoy your Valentine's Day.

  10. You guys should get the Asia expansion for Wingspan and the expansion for Targi 🙂 My favourite game is Everdell and favourite 2-player only is 7 wonders duel.

  11. Top 14 woulda been great hahaa! Great vid y'all!!

  12. Great video team! Thank you for sharing it. My husband and I tried Maracaibo last night for the first time. The teach was thick as! Looking forward to mastering it. It would be cool if they did a remake of Stone Age, the art is nostalgic but would be cool to see it redone! I wanna go play AOE2 now! Happy Valentine's day to you and Hannah! 🙂 P.S. Westerns 🤌love 'em! – and RDR2 is uh-mazing

  13. Happy couple day, Dave and Hanna. Be healthy and happy. You are very cute.
    @Dave, you need to some more games ^^ All your top something have the same games in it, just in different order (with Stone Age on number 1). Shake it a bit 😉

  14. Great list and great chemistry! Something tells me that Hannah will love playing Santa Monica and Fire Tower, two games on opposite ends of the spectrum 😀 Also, Dave, I think you're better off without a monitor off-camera. I noticed that you're constantly checking yourself out ;P Hannah's a natural, keeping eye contact with the camera lens. Or did someone have a gun pointed at you off screen??

  15. Ark Nova, Revive, Arnak, Backgammon, Terraforming Mars, Endless winter, Lords of Waterdeep, Meadow.

  16. 7 Wonders Duel, Splendor Duel, Lost Cities, Patchwork, Jaipur, Azul Queen's Garden, Wingspan, Above and Below, and Isle of Cats are our favorites.

  17. This is great! Excellent production value, on-screen chemistry, and choice of games. You seem like the kind of people who would be really great to know in real life.

  18. 7 wonders duel, Sagrada, Castles of Burgundy, Jaipur, Everdell, Wingspan, Cartographers

  19. We like Stone Age too. For us Stone Age, Castles of Burgundy, Watergate, Suburbia, Terraforming Mars, Lost Cities, Nova Luna, and Azul.

  20. Cute list guys. My wife and I love love love splendor duel. It’s been so fun to play.

    Wingspan is another we just enjoy playing. Im interested in the 2 player version wingspan Asia for the little extra back and forth interaction with a central board.

    Relaxing games are underrated.

    You mentioned some good ideas for future gaming with taverns, Stone Age and Targi.

  21. Seeing you taste is similar to ours I would like to recommend a few;
    Grand Austria Hotel (my wife's favorite game)
    Castles of Burgundy
    Carpe Diem
    Doppelt So Clever

  22. Thanks for sharing your favorite 2 player games. You two work well together. I appreciate you talking about Splendor Duel, my husband loves this game and we couldn't figure out why there would be a duel version, so I'm looking forward to this as well as Century Golem (we own, but haven't played) . I also play Age of Empires with my brother, and love it, and have often wondered if there was a board game similar to the video game. Thanks! By the way we love playing Hanamakoji, Battle Line, Morels and Trekking the National Parks to name a few.

  23. I wish my hubby would play board games 😢. Hannah is very beautiful. Thank you for the game suggestions!

  24. 7 Wonders Duel of course, it is a mid-weight games but with the 2 expansions, it becomes an expert game.
    Caylus the original version is an expert game with no luck in 2 players.
    Raja the dice charmers is the best roll and write game in two players.
    Royal Visit is simple, tactic, extremely addictive !
    And so many :
    Orleans, Res Arcana, Newton, Lorenzo, Ark nova, Carnegie, Concordia, splendor duel, codex naturalis, terraforming mars, caper europe.

  25. Defintely LOVE Targi and my wife enjoys it, which is important to me. Just introduced to a friend of mine too. But I think my favorite games to play at 2 that can accommodate more are Everdell and one you two didn’t mention, Parks! Such a good, quick, and easy game to play with only 2 players. I don’t think I ever want to play with more again!

    Thanks for this! Fun to see both of your favorite games to play, as I most often play two player with my wife!

  26. Hannah could legit do ASMR (about board games?)…she’s got the voice and personality for it.

  27. Nice to see Gold West getting some love. One of my favorites.

  28. This is one you'll want to check 😀: Pagan Fate of Roanoke

  29. Stone Age is fantastic at 2 players! You two really should give Ark Nova, Castles of Burgundy, and Grand Austria Hotel a try… all 3 are superb at 2 players!

  30. What are you looking at off to your right? Distracting from the content.

  31. On the topic of games with the Mancala mechanism, Five Tribes is probably the first game to integrate it as a fundamental part of game play. Five Tribes is a CLASSIC IMO and in my top 5 games of all time.

  32. Stone Age is also a staple for us as well! Another classic game!

  33. Summoner Wars! Another classic and fantastic two player game.

  34. Well, think I'm gonna need that "Splendor Duel" now… Do you use to play "7 Wonders Duel"? Great video, guys, I'm subscribing NOW!

  35. Some games that my wife and I like playing together the most:
    Wingspan, Castles of Burgundy, Grand Austria Hotel, Viticulture, Cartographers, and Railroad Ink.

  36. Nice channel. Your girlfriend has ASMR voice. I think board videos with her only will be more popular.

  37. Patchwork on the couch 😂 i dont see anything going wrong there

  38. Have you two tried Cascadia? I think you would love it!

  39. Very few will sing the praises of Mantis Falls —a two player hidden role/social deduction game. How does that work, you ask? I'll leave you to discover that but just know that it does work. There is a three player more but it's basically the two player version with a third player shoehorned in.

  40. Wow, so many games on the list I had never heard of! Usually the same games are on most people's 2-player "best of" ****

    Stone Age
    Taverns of Tiefenthal
    Splender Duel
    Maracaibo (solo or 2 player)
    Century Golem Ed
    Azul **** (Stained Glass / Summer Pavilion)
    Targi ****
    Wingspan ****
    Everdell ****
    Gold West
    Project L
    Patchwork ****

    The games that I seem to see most often mentioned are:

    Castles of Burgundy
    Caper Europe
    7 Wonders Duel
    The Fox in the Forest
    Codenames Duet
    Undaunted Normandy
    Spirit Island
    Air Land & Sea
    Dice Thrown / Battle Yahtzee
    Res Arcana
    Twilight Struggle
    Android Netrunner
    Great Western Trail – Argentina
    Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
    Brass Birmingham
    Beer and Bread

    BTW, do you know if any of these games (or other popular board games) work just as well in digital form (PC Game or phone)? For example, Ticket to Ride, Wingspan, Gloomhaven, Root,Jaipur, Santorini, Jekyll vs Hyde (and it's sequel), Magic The Gathering, 7 Wonders Duel, Targi?

  41. What are all actual button tokens for in patchwork. I haven't played it in just a bit, but I don't recall having buttons in my game?

  42. I like many of your recommendations ..hmm I have Stone Age sitting on the shelf unplayed… I think it's time to try it out!

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