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Our Top 10 2 Player Board Games New To Us In 2023!

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Here are our top 10 2 player board games new to us in 2023, not all games featured are brand new. But they are to us this year! #boardgames #couple


  1. I find root to be a bad 2p game (unless playing coop against robo cats). Maybe bad isn’t the right word, but the board is too empty, and can get very lopsided just from picking factions

  2. If y’all like unmatched, you should look into Dice Throne. Similar concept, but more about dice rolls

  3. Just played Skyteam. Such an amazing intense co-op game. Absolutely LOVED IT!!!

  4. Dude now I got Christmas gift ideas thanks!

  5. bought tapple (even though not mentioned ) for christmas for my husband and i and im soo excited

  6. Sky team is fantastic, my wife and I love it
    It’s so hard tho!

  7. No way! Me and my friends love unmatched so much. We only have coble & fog though, which expansions should we get first?

  8. Can you write the list in the description of the video to make it easier for people to search please? There was some that I didn't quite catch. Thank you again.

  9. Is there some way to make a playlist of the videos where you play these games and add that playlist in the deecription of this video? Watching you two play the games would be the deciding factor on which to purchase for my household

  10. 1 cobble & fog
    2 canvas
    3 land vs sea
    4 sky team
    5 root
    6 qawale
    7 blueprints
    8 kites
    9 catch the vibe
    10 Crokinole

  11. Out of all the boardgame channels I follow, you folks by far have my favourite taste in games. The ones you play are all so unique and fun. I just had a look at all these, and most of them have gone straight on my BBG wishlist.

    You also film the most fun quick demonstrations I've seen on the platform, that help me decide within a minute whether I want to try a game (and without getting one second of boredom).

    Thank you for bringing so much life and energy to the scene, and for being such wonderful curators for those of us that watch you.

    Prayers and blessings.

  12. Do you have any links to purchase these games?

  13. Have you played exploding Kittens before? I recommend!!

  14. I am trying to find your bouncing ball game. Can you tell me where you got it?

  15. I wish you would put names up and who makes them so we could get them. What was the name of your first game?

  16. I absolutely love your content. Sky Team is amazing, Land and Sea is wonderful and Canvas is truly beautiful in all definitions of that word.

  17. I have a question. What does your tattoo on your hand stand for? I love your videos.

  18. wow straight to the point. Excellent video

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