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Our Favorite Co-Op Games of 2022 (Part 1)

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My wife and I play co-op games together every day. Here’s part 1 of the Top 10 co-op games that we played in 2022.

10. Fable 2:
9. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons:
8. LEGO Harry Potter Collection:
7. Escape Academy
6. LittleBigPlanet 3:

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  1. Play it takes two!!! Best coop game for couples ever. Me and my gf have played it twice, the story is amazing😊

  2. You should play sons of the forest, amazing survival game

  3. Seeing Fable 2 at number 10 made me happy 🙂

  4. lego harry potter collection was a blast to complete with my brother last year

  5. brothers is not coop i think
    edit: yes, it's not coop what are you talking about?

  6. Little big planet 3 is a masterpiece, Glad you guys played it!

  7. The fact that escape academy costs money is insane

  8. Bro in fable my Cousin's made me and my brother get married because they said we would get really good loot and then we tried to get unmarried but we couldn't so we got off the game and never played it again oh and we didn't get any loot

  9. Fable 2 Multiplayer was horrible the second player never grew up and barely leveled up

  10. Brothers: tale of two sons isn't co-op, what's your wife do sit there with her thumb up her ass while you pretend she's playing with you?

  11. All the good
    Coop games are on Microsoft Xbox and not Sony PlayStation sadly 😢

  12. Will brothers tale of 2 ork on PS5 as couch coop?

  13. Little big planet holds a special place in my heart. Makes me cry just by experiencing nostalga from it

  14. my fav Fable game is Fable 3. It took me a while to beat it, but its a good game

  15. You and your child (these games for babies ) 🤮

  16. Buying all of them now thanks man hope she likes em too 😊

  17. Bro plays Lego games with his wife’s
    A man of fine culture I see 🗿 🍷

  18. Couples that game together stay together.

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