Next-Gen Local Multiplayer Games Trailer | PS5 -

Next-Gen Local Multiplayer Games Trailer | PS5

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Grab an extra DualSense™ wireless controller and discover a great range of immersive couch co-op adventures and epic local-multiplayer modes – all built for PS5™. View the full list of games here:


  1. I got so hyped for nothing. Pls make a remake of shriek 2 or something. That ps2 game is a better local game than all of these

  2. Great idea to close Japan Studios geniuses. 🙄 what comes next? Price increases again, or something worse?

  3. more local multiplayer games is what we need!

  4. I would love to play with friends but the mf sticks gotta drift harder than Mario kart

  5. Great now to actually be able to get one and this would be cool

  6. Maybe more resident Evil games ? Co op would be great ! With the ps5 graphics .

  7. Sony: Feel the TRACK,
    Feel the IMPACT
    Me: Feel the STICK DRIFT

  8. Zammy ‘BusDriver&TrainLover’ Martínez says:

    Watchdogs just went multiplayer.. but al l i care about is ratchet n clank & farcry😎

  9. I think the ps5 was a shared fever dream we all had and Sony is just trying to trick us into thinking its an actual thing

  10. Yo nomas estoy esperando haber cuando la sacan a los puestos del tianguis

  11. here in Argentina (💩)
    you can buy your ps5!

    u just need 2000 dollars 😉

  12. Fun. I'll be getting a second controller soon 🎮

  13. Tutorial for myself on how to play local multiplayer:
    1. Buy a ps5
    2. Buy a ps5
    3. Buy a ps5
    4. Oh wait u cant u are poor

  14. They advertising games for PS5's that piled at scalpers warehouses lol

  15. Now make different colour DuelSense controllers Sony! FYI: Got a second PS5 yesterday; the digital version 😆

  16. Idk how many stores I've searched but all throughout Ontario PS5s are out of stock everywhere

  17. Ghanta Multiplayer. Console to available nahi krwa pa rhe.

  18. Yeah we can play multiplayer maybe if you could help us buy some with stock !

  19. Why are there no new or interesting local multiplayer games? It's either "generic sport game" that's the same every year, "simple family game" that's only fun for a couple rounds or CoD Zombies. I miss 4-player split screen co-op campaigns for action games. Don't get me wrong, the graphics we have these days are amazing, but that's what's holding games back from split screen co-op. Maybe instead of pushing the console's limits to get the most extreme graphics and realistic interactions, we should put more effort into making it possible to have even last gen's graphics with split screen cop-op in more games. A lot of video game critique recently has been mostly on online server stability and connection issues. Maybe playing something with friends, running buttery smooth, locally is something we can enjoy once and a while.

  20. Don't even show Cold War! That split screen is a joke that's riddled with game breaking bug's! Literally, they crash the game. Activision's greed shine's especially bright with Cold Wars local co-op.

    If anyone's reading this, give Cold War a miss for local, or you will be highly disappointed.

  21. I really want a PS5, but it’s very hard to find!

  22. Can some1 tell me what racing game was that in the trailer?.. looked dope

  23. Nice controllers that will be broken in 400hrs

  24. Okayyy ummm… so do y’all know when I can actually GET the Ps5?


  26. For My opinion if they kept the Geometric Shapes bottoms colored (As always) It would seem better<3


  28. They had add a new feature wich is the drift

  29. Whenever I play a ps5 game it always freezes idk what to do. If I get a replacement for sure I’m switching to Xbox. No cap.

  30. My friend Bruno works with ps4

  31. Where is Minecraft
    racing bros

    instead we have 2 sport games no one care, one dumb racing game and call of duty

  32. I was confused and not knowledgeable about this until BLAQUECRACKS was recommended to me and I wasn't disappointed I got what i requested for✌..

  33. I can't wait to get a ps5 and do this. Still a fan of local multiplayer

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