New ways to play mahjong, casual puzzle games, fingertip mahjong, two-player games -

New ways to play mahjong, casual puzzle games, fingertip mahjong, two-player games

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  1. this is not a game, there is no decision making whatsoever, the outcome is decided already from the start…

  2. Interesting game. I'm going to be covering this on my channel with 2 decks of cards.

  3. How is this a game if only ONE ot the two players can make a completely RANDOM ONE SINGLE choice at the start?

  4. Can you play with any mahjong set? I noticed there are different sets.

  5. هاي معجزة مقطع فيديو عل يوتيوب ما معلقين عليه عرب

  6. They are NOT playing mahjong 😂😂😂

  7. hello, I have a question in the video, what is the size of the cube?

  8. Just watched this 3 days ago and have been hooked ever since. Play it solitaire style with all 3 suits! Thank you sooo much for introducing this to me. Grew up playing majong with my grandma and mom but that was a lifetime ago. This gets me back to tiling again. Love the sensory memory of shuffling the tiles! Teaching my son how to play now too!

  9. How many mahjong set do you have to buy to play this game

  10. What's the name of this version of the game? I wanna see more vids about it

  11. Как называется эта игра?????

  12. I understand the "numbered" tiles. They almost look like standard dominoes. What I don't understand is the other side – the bamboo side. If the numbers go from 1-9, how are the bamboo ordered on the other side? Can you supply a link to a completed set on both sides that I could use as a reference?

  13. From were i can find it to buy it pleas 🥺???

  14. Hello,The "extra piece" is part of a simple mahjong game set, like the one you can buy on Amazon. It is simply an unprinted piece and serves here as a starter piece. Here's how we play it at home (2 games):There are four of each stone colour1. we have chosen 9 pairs of circle stones and 9 pairs of bamboo stones and then we mix these stones face down on the table.2. each player now forms four rows of 9 tiles each from the mixed tiles (the tiles lie with the pressure facing downwards).3. now we roll the dice to see who starts.4. the starter takes the starter piece (the one without the print) and starts to move the pieces up one piece with the piece in a row. He turns over the stone that has been pushed out. The "colour" (i.e. circle or bamboo) that is now exposed is his colour and the opponent automatically has the other colour.5 Now the starting player repeats the process with the stone that has just been turned over until he turns over a stone that is not his "colour" but that of the opponent.6. he then gives the stone to the opponent and the opponent begins his turn.7) The winner is the one who has turned over all his pieces in front of him first.The empty piece must be replaced by a correct one at the end (however, it does not have to be pushed out to the top, but can be replaced as soon as its replacement piece has been turned over).I hope I was able to help.One round takes about 15 minutes and is quite entertaining : )

  15. So nobody knows where the extra piece comes from?

  16. I can’t find detailed rules because I don’t know the name of this version of mahjong.

  17. What is this called exactly? Are there rules? How is it played? I can't seem to find any information!

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