Nathan's Top 6 Two Player Games (in 6 minutes) -

Nathan’s Top 6 Two Player Games (in 6 minutes)

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Nathan’s here today to talk about some of his favorite Two player games! What are yours? Let us know in the comments below!

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You can check out all of the games Nathan mentioned below and for more 2-player board game recommendations visit

Kahuna (Kosmos Games):


The Fox in the Forest (Renegade Games):

Lost Cities (Kosmos Games):


Onitama (Arcane Wonders):

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  1. Great video. I love finding good 2 player games since my wife and I are always looking for something good to play when the kids go to bed. Of course the fact that this was 6 and not 5 is what makes it really good, because, well 5 is so normal. Everyone does five, but this one goes to eleven… uh, I mean six! Nice job though! Cheers!

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