My TOP FIVE 2 player boardgames! -

My TOP FIVE 2 player boardgames!

Lord of the Board
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Lets look at Lord of the boards top five games to play two player! Today we go over his best two player boardgames and do a very light overview of each game!

DISCLAIMER: these games aren’t 2 player boardgames rather I just love them AS 2 player games 🙂

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►0:55 – TAPESTRY
►6:17 – ROOT



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  1. You must love Tapestry a lot for it to get mentioned before Villainous. Also would love to set up multiple root 2 player games. Like a tournament style. Love this video, always ready for hot takes from Lord Samuel. Keep that content rolling 😎

  2. Did not expect a release like this! Perfect for right now. Me and my husband are so thankful!

  3. All of them look so beautiful,
    especially Tapestry with all those components, now it is on my wishlist hehe.
    Great video as always!

  4. When he said "wife" my heart shattered 💔💔💔😭 dreams crushed lol . Great video tho 🙌🙌🙌

  5. Dang man those edits and shots though 🔥 thanks for the recommendations! For root I def agree with the duchys-they surprisingly fun to play with!

  6. Hey dude, what sleeves do you use for your Villainous/expansion cards? If you don't mind me asking, and does it fit back in the box fine? Thanks for the vid!!

  7. Would you consider doing a video of you and your wife playing one of these board games?? Especially Villainous? Lol… Villainous is probably one of my all-time favorite board games now. If you did a 2 player game of Villainous – or any board game – with your wife, that would be SOO EPIC! 😀

  8. Can you make a video about best factions to choose in a 2 player Root game?

  9. Nice to see Villainous at number 2. I have it and all the expansion packs. My poor husband is forced to play 4-5 times every weekend and maybe 1-2 times during the week. Sometimes we get it wrong and an easy to win character gets matched up opposite a difficult one, but it is still fun.

  10. Wow First of all, thank you very much for all your videos, especially those from root have helped me a lot, not only to understand if not to find the "tricks" of each faction. QUESTION: I have seen the unmatched and it has caught my attention, the design is great and the style of play I think I would see a lot of table with my partner, who you think would buy me the version of Jurassic Park and Robin Hood with big foot instead of the basic one? I saw them and they caught my attention a lot, what about counseling? Thank you!

  11. Really enjoyed your list. My current favorite 2 player game is Watergate!

  12. Never thought about playing Root as a 2-player but this is making me reconsider.

  13. If you've not tried it Watergate is an amazingly addictive and exciting 2P game.

  14. Interesting list. This is the first video of yours that I've seen. Good to see a list of two player games that don't include the same old chestnuts everyone else puts on lists like this!

  15. DUDE! your videos are amazing!!! Keep up the good work.

  16. Carcassonne is a great game me and my brother love playing it as well as villainous

  17. Raptor
    Tally Ho!
    Kingdoms (Reiner Knizia)
    Massive Darkness
    Cave Troll
    Champions of Midguard (Blood Rage for Couples)
    Era: Medieval Age
    Castle Panic
    A Fistful of Meeples
    Alien Frontiers
    Starship Samurai
    Dice Throne

  18. Wow you are great can you do me a favor for play the game Ultimate Werewolf with your friends

  19. Sam – first time catchin your videos. . Good lookin list! Sadly I can't bring myself to pick up Gaia Project while I still own Terra Mystica – But much like you . . I LOVE tapestry at 2players

  20. Thank you for posting this video. I'm always on the look out for games that play well for 2 players. Like you, my wife and I love to play games together on the weekend for bonding time. Typically, my wife does not like really complex games, so Gaia Project would be out. I did not expect you to include Tapestry on the list. I did not pick up Tapestry at the time because most civilization style games usually play better with 3-4 players minimum, and my gaming group did not appear to be interested in it. Your recommendation caused me to seriously re-think this assumption for Tapestry and to consider picking it up just for my wife and me to play. Thanks again for the great video.

  21. cool but not looking for a 4h waste of time play game , 15 – 30 minute is enough

  22. Wow your list is very different from alot of other 2 player lists! Thank you for the awesome recommendations 🙂 now I understand why I have such a big issue playing villainous with 5 people -_-)

  23. Where would you put Funkoverse on the best 2 player games?

  24. Thanks for the video! We love to play “La granja”!

  25. Hey man I really enjoyed your video! I'm in the same boat, where it's my wife and I most of the time. So with root, as long as you get the clockwork expansion, would you say you could play as any mashup of factions as you two please?

    My wife thinks the game looks really fun and all the factions (expansions included) seem like a blast to try. Anyway, from one married man to the other, what would you say?

  26. Without any of the expansions.. which factions do you think have worked best for you in Root for 2p? Have you tried any besides Marquise vs Eyrie? Great vid!

  27. Can you tell a bit more about root as a 2player? If I have never played it and mostly would play it with my wife 2p player,and clockwork bot I guess or 2 bots for 4p game (2 humans, 2 bots) are all factions playable normally? Is it good and not fiddly or super weird for a 2p? As I understood this game shines best at 3p and 4p counts

  28. Thanks for this nice list. Villainous and Unmatched intrigue me, they feel the same in a way (assymeyrical characters, card driven) but different 🙂 Please do a character overview of Unmatched (like your Villainous character playlist)

  29. I know you as the Villainous guy. I was surprised you play other games. Thought you play only Villainous day & night 🤣🤣🤣

    But really this is a nice list.

    & Lord of the Board is a great name!!!

  30. I've been considering getting Root for a while but was concerned about the two-player issue, since it's mostly just me and my husband playing together. Your saying that the bots expansion really fixes that problem for two players has me sold. I'm definitely asking my husband to take me out to our FLGS today so we can buy it. Happy new year, and thanks for the video!

    Editing to add that my favorite two-player game is probably Cerebria. The area control tug-of-war aspect, secret and public goals, resource management, and special powers (both in the cards and the minis you play) result in such a thinky, crunchy game that somehow doesn't feel too confrontational (i.e. great for couples)–and, of course, the game is so gorgeous and colorful!

  31. Great job!!! I found a few new games that I want to buy now. I love that these aren’t the same typical games on that are always on everyone’s lists.

  32. I noticed Santorini behind you and was hoping for it to make your top 5. Mine would be:

    Smash Up
    Star Realms

  33. Great list!
    7 wonders duel is 1 of my favorites!

    Soon i wil buy Root! Im playing it on my phone, but i want to bring it to my board game group 😁

  34. umatched or villainous? i have santorini which i love

  35. Great video man! I only own Villainous, but Tapestry and Unmatched look super interesting!
    I think I'll also check out some digital Root gameplay to see if it'd be good with my partner/friends.
    Honestly our usual go-to 2 player is either Exploding Kittens, or UNO 😂😂

  36. Why is villainous so good for 2 players?
    I hear a lot of things about villainous, that it could be verry unballenced..

  37. Hey Lord, do I need the expansion clock work to play root in 2 players?

  38. Want to get into root as a 2 player game but kind of worried about the price point since you need the expansion. Is the app worth it if I want to try the game?

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