My Top 5 Two-Player Games: Don't Skip the Variety in THEME, STYLE, and LENGTH for just two players! -

My Top 5 Two-Player Games: Don’t Skip the Variety in THEME, STYLE, and LENGTH for just two players!

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I am super excited to share My Top 5 Games for 2 Players.

The games on my list were designed specifically for 2 players, so you’ll not see games here that play with more people.

Also, I include a variety of game play and length of games so that you can plan your game night with your friend or loved one accordingly.

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  1. Wow you never see a video that mentions Jambo… super underrated game IMO…

  2. This is the first video of yours I’ve seen but it’s fantastic – really great descriptions of the game, and a great list – subscribing !

  3. Great list! Need to try Imhotep duel. My current favorites would be Targi, mandala, agricola all creatures big & small, foothills and patchwork

  4. Have all these but Asante! Will have to try it out, always looking for good 2 player games!

  5. If you like battle line…..try Air Land and Sea

  6. I don't like Codenames, but have to look at Asante. Thanks

  7. Just found your channel. Fantastic! Love the energy and enthusiasm in your videos and reviews. Keep up the good work!!

  8. I’m going to have to try Imhotep Duel. I like the board/choice layout. For my wife and I, we like Splendor and Oh, My Goods! … but for a true two player game, our favorite is Jaipur. It’s a beautiful merchant trading game about being savvy in the Indian market place where you must decide when to rush to market for the higher valued sales or to hold off for higher selling bonuses. Good stuff.

  9. Gonna have to pick up Codenames Duet. 7 Wonders Duel is my favourite 2 player with my partner but she prefers co-op games.

  10. Good video. This is a nice collection of games, but Targi must be on my list.

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