My top 10 Favorite Cooperative Games for Two Players -

My top 10 Favorite Cooperative Games for Two Players

Jamey Stegmaier
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In this week’s video I discuss cooperative games that work particularly well for exactly 2 players (even if they also work well at other player counts). Honorable mentions include Aeon’s End, Arkham Horror LCG, Burgle Bros, Chronicles of Crime, Dead Men Tell No Tales, Flash Point, Forbidden Desert, Fox and the Forest Duet, Gloomhaven, Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, Mansions of Madness, Marvel Champions, The Crew, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Spirit Island, Summit, Tainted Grail, The Captain Is Dead, The Mind, Too Many Bones, Fog of Love, Orleans w/Invasion, and Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective.

Sleeping Gods would have played this list if I had played it before filming this video.

1. Shards of Infinity with Shadow of Salvation
2. Pandemic Legacy Season 0
3. TIME Stories Revolution
4. Legacy of Dragonholt
5. Codenames Duet
6. Unlock
7. Hanabi
8. Shipwreck Arcana
9. The 7th Continent
10. Mysterium Park

Favorite 2-player games:
Favorite multiplayer games that play well at 2 players:
Favorite cooperative games:
Favorite cooperative games (no quarterbacking):

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  1. Hey Jamey, my little one will be receiving treatment at St. Jude for eye cancer for years to come. Anyway you could make a list of 2 player silent games with a small footprint? Need something to do during naptimes!

  2. Descent: Legends of the Dark, playing it with my daughter and really loving it as the whole bookkeeping and DM part is taken over by the app, so we can just focus on playing the game and immerse in the story. Though the price tag can be a put-off, but I think the time you spent with this game on pure game-play is worth it. And for a Dungeon crawler it doesn't seem to congested with a huge amount of rules so easy to get into

  3. Nice list, first time see shards of infinity in a top ten… and in the first position. A bit surprised that there is no aeon's end I love that game

  4. Cantaloop is really fun with 2 players. Have you tried it?

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