Minimax Algorithm in Game Playing | Artificial Intelligence -

Minimax Algorithm in Game Playing | Artificial Intelligence

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Minimax Algorithm in Game Playing
1) Backtracking Algorithm
2) Best move strategy used
3) Max will try to maximize its utility(Best Move)
4) Min will try to minimize utility(Worst move)

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  1. Video dekh dekh ke last year me aa gae without backlog thank you sir jii😊

  2. This is a dazzling piece. I read a book with similar brilliance that changed my way of thinking. "Game Theory and the Pursuit of Algorithmic Fairness" by Jack Frostwell

  3. Sher ko sab clear ho gaya.. .thank you sir…

  4. Better than college teacher concept clear ❤🎉

  5. Sir there is change in time compexity. Branching factor here is 2 and depth is 2. Please explain

  6. better to write in indian if you are going to talk in indian! so the search engine cannot fool us

  7. Sir, i have a doubt, in this (Minimax) algorithm, do we have to start from the A node or from the highest value given in the leaf node. i.e 8. Because if we start from the root node (A), Max will obviously choose the B node, so after reaching the B node, the Min might choose the E node instead of D node. jaisa aapne kahan (4:44 pe) ki turn by turn game khelenge toh, Min has the option to choose E node as well. because -1 toh D & E node dono me hai.

  8. first you have to study it again to teach students.

  9. sir branching factor is 2 and depth is 3. so it should be 2^3 =8 right

  10. What the f is this language? STOP naming your videos in english you dumb fck if it's not in english

  11. Sir, your lectures are amazing and easily understandable rather than our AI professor teaches us.

  12. 3 hour's to go for exam and i am here 😅😂

  13. you are like my brother bhaiyyaa . thanksss💌

  14. Sir random number ka function ko use kyu nahi karte hai

  15. kass mai ye video pahale dekh liya hota to last sem me 10no, extra marks mil gye hote

  16. Bhai waise aap sab konsa subject padh rahe ho ? Please tell me. Is this coding?

  17. Great explanation sir 😇😇 I don't think no one can better explain this concepts of Artificial intelligence easier than you do. Thank you so much 😊😊keep going ♾️

  18. Thanks for all the videos sir
    I'm watching all these for my exams
    It helped me a lot 😊🙏🏻

  19. bro can you please teach in english 😢😢😢😢 because i dont understanding hindi broooo😭😭😭😭

  20. Branch 2 h depth 2 h branch 3 kaise child 2 h

  21. Watching 15 minutes before the exam ..feeling excited 🫸🙂🫷

  22. hi sir, I think the complexity is O(2^3) instead of O (3^2) ?

  23. Bro at 10:14 , Start kiya A se to finish hone chaiye at G to get max utility considering the A as max utility node….. But F ke taraf kyu gaya, any logic behind this? overall lecture is very good……

  24. MIN be like "isme tera ghata, mera kuch ni jataa" xD jokes apart excellent understanding sir 🙏

  25. You are awesome sir
    Ai ko intresting bnadiya Thankyou sir


    Sir You are Great and your Presentation is Outstanding 💝

  27. Wonderful explanation sir. Commenting is not my usual practice. But I couldn't avoid appreciating you. Hats off sir👏

  28. My girlfriend suggested me your channel for learning and now she is no more with me 🙁

  29. Our college teachers give us notes PDFs that have the screenshots of your whiteboard. They copy you word by word and think we won't notice 😂😂

  30. Hello, Very good explanation. You made it very easy to follow. Thank you!

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