Mario Odyssey 2-Player - MARIO & LUIGI! (FULL GAME) -

Mario Odyssey 2-Player – MARIO & LUIGI! (FULL GAME)

Manx Ninja Pig
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2-Player Super Mario Odyssey with @Arrowstotle as Luigi and Me as Mario!
Today Me and @Arrowstotle playthrough all off the Super Mario Odyssey Online Multiplayer Mod!
This is a mod that you might have seen SmallAnt and other YouTubers playing in Super Mario Odyssey Online Multiplayer videos, and this mod is made by @CraftyBoss925 !

More Mario Odyssey:
Huge Shoutout to @Arrowstotle for playing with me!

Mods used:
Super Luigi Odyssey:
Super Mario Odyssey Online Multiplayer:

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  1. How did you do multi-player in Mario odyssey

  2. arrowstotle and manx are friends❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. 20:53 I tryed that forgetting about the triple jump and was able to do it

  4. 1:36:05 there da weddin plannas for the cute couple as they said when you fight topper in cap kingdom. Or bowser’s henchmen

  5. Manx ninja pig is the best and I am a pro of Mario kart

  6. MANX NINJA PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Why is there black peach models randomly appearing

  8. Trick with the Dino in cascade there is a little trampoline in the rocks break them equip the Dino go on the trampoline you will get sent flying up get out of the Dino then dive and hopefully you land on the area to fight mother broodal

  9. Omg bro ads are so annoying i got a 22 secs add and its unskipable

  10. Try your friends makeing the brudles harder

  11. Can't wait for 3 player mode by Super Mario Odyssey Skip Tutorials

  12. I Need 13 more moons to go to the after world😢😢

  13. Im literally sitting on a public washing machine! LOL

  14. 8:55 Manx got it first, don’t listen to what they say and subscribe to Manx

  15. Thanks so much to @Arrowstotle for playing this with me!
    This video turned out so good!

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